The Red Dress is a Tremendous Play

The Red Dress is a Tremendous Play

Photos by Nikki Artale

With sold out performances, The Red Dress is receiving great reviews at the Baobab Theater in Town Square. 20 talented dancers, singers, actors and musicians perform in the 90 minute show. Some of the artists are Cirque performers from the top shows on the strip.

Wassa Coulibaly wrote and produced the show in 2008 in which she tells the story of a prostitute and the rejection she endures. The story is told through the music and dance, showing love and tenderness. Wassa has worked on several versions of the play, which was formerly known as “The Art of Prostitution”. Wassa a native of Senegal West Africa,  is an original cast member of “Zumanity” at New York  New York Casino Hotel.
                                         Wassa Coulibaly

Jean-Paul Loppo Martinez is the director and he has received many awards for his illustrations and children’s books. He puts his heart and soul into the production as the story begins in an African Village, with flashbacks and heart pounding African music.

                                                       Wassa and Loppo

All the beautiful costumes were designed and made by Wassa and the clothing can be purchased in Wassa Wear boutique in the theater. 


There is a touch of humor, tenderness and innocence that shines through the work that shows the love of women. Wassa presents the play in a spiritual way with the best talented actors in Las Vegas,singing and dancing in this great show. This late night show at the Baobab Stage Theater, next to the Rave Movie Theater, opens the doors on Fridays at 11:59 pm and the show begins at 12:30 am on Saturday.

The cast list:
Zallo:    Wassa
Doul /dancer:    Wade
Yourdy /Judge/chorus tute:        Sherida
Mary:   Maia
Moussi /dj voice/Chief Villagers:           Gabe
Star /Tutes:       Emily
Daouda /Uncle/village cop/restaurant manager:  Mateo
Michael:           Tony
Momoko /Tutes/dancer            Kanako
Nuts /chorus of Tutes:               Mateo
Beauty Queen /Tutes/dancer     Lina
Rosy /sister1/Tutes:                   Paris Red
Village 1 drummer:        Massamba
Village 2 drummer:        ibu ba


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