Megafest 2019 Featured Films from all over the World

Written and Photos by Nikki Artale

Part Two
Megafest had two weeks of film screenings, red carpets, films by CSN students, seminars and a life panel at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas July 31-August 3, 2019. Two of the Life Council Panelists were Maggie Cook who shared her story about being born and raised in a Mexican Orphanage to becoming a millionaire and then a motivational speaker. She shared her story from her heart and was admired by everyone. Dr. Robert Goldman, a medical doctor and International Martial Artist and partner to Arnold Schwarzenegger shared his advice and knowledge in how to succeed in life. Dr. Goldman donates 80% of his time around the world doing charitable work. He is a wonderful human being who definitely cares about people. He will once again host the Icon Awards at the Black Tie Award Dinner.
                                                            Dr.Robert Goldman

                                                                     Maggie Cook

Harold Lea Brown walked away with 8 awards including writer of the year for his script “Hope is not a Black and White Rainbow”. Harold is in the Top 100 Indie writers in the world and it is always a pleasure to see him at the Film Fest every year.
                                                                  Harold Brown

Geoffrey Calhoun presented the first awards at the writer’s dinner and awards show. Winning for Writers of the Year was Harold Brown, Jack McLaughlin and Matt De Gennaro.
                                              Matt DeGennaro *Geoffrey Calhoun)

Geoffrey introduced his new book “The Guide for Every Screenwriter”. He is a mentor to filmmakers, a multi award screen writer and is listed as a top 100 Indies writer in the world. He is valuable to the Film Festival.   photoguide press book 

Coming all the way from Cyprus was Anastasia Gukovskaya and her mother. A 16 year old Taekwondo World Champion, Spanish Cup Kickboxing Champ and a Euroasian and Asian Champ and she stole the hearts of everyone. If only our children could grow up to be like her.  She speaks 4 languages Russian, English, Turkish and Spanish and studies at Girne American University. She would love to move to Los Angeles and become an Actress. 

Mega fest 2019 another Successful Year Featuring over 600 Films

Written and photos by Nikki Artale
Part One
The Mega fest was filled with extra ordinary films from film makers from all over the world and I will write a few articles to cover the seminars, award dinners and screenings because I want everyone to be recognized for their talents. Mega fest was held at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas July 24-August 3, 2019 by the founder and creator Del and Theresa Weston. 

                                                               (Del Weston) 

Two new festivals were added in the two week festival, “Most Important Films” hosted by Anabelle Munro and”’Venus International Italian Film Fest” hosted by Katherina Miccio and Alexandra Guarino.  The Venus award went to Daniel Baldwin for best Actor in the film “Making a Deal with the Devil
                                                       (Daniel Baldwin)

                                                     Kat Miccio  Alessandra Guarino

                                                                 Anabelle Munro

Jerry Valastro won “Best Drama” and “Best Score “for his film “Solstice” that he made 25 years ago.  The film was restored with new music performed by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra. Jerry Valastro wrote, produced, directed and edited the film which starred Michael Kelly. It is a heartwarming story of the spirit of Christmas that is portrayed beautifully by Michael Kelley. Click on the link, to see the making and behind the scenes of Solstice and enjoy the magic of Christmas that Jerry Valastro is sharing with us Jerry is such a kind loving soul and it was wonderful meeting and speaking to him and I know there will be other great films to be made by him.
                                                                     Jerry Valastro 
                                                                        Michael Kelly

Alessandro**Nikki Artale

Another stand out film was a Greek Tragedy “Nothing beyond Measure”, the tragedy of Antigone by Sophocles, and a conflict between human and divine laws. It was mesmerizing to watch the performance of Alessandro Vantini who is a wonderful actor and who gave a perfect performance, on an empty set, only relying on the text and his acting skills. 

I will write additional stories on Megafest next week.