Puppetry of the Penis is a Good Fun Adult Crowd Pleaser

Written and Photos by Nikki Artale
Puppetry of the Penis presents a new look at the Hamburger, The Pelican, The Eiffel Tower, The Pelican, the Loch Ness Monster, all of which are displays of genital origami. Rich Binning and Andrew Fitch are the two penis manipulators who find joy and excitement in introducing the puppetry of their penises. It is only a matter of minutes that they disrobe to the gasps, giggles and delights of a mixed audience of girls out partiers, gay guys and AARP aged ladies. All this is done with a back drop video to enlarge the action and make sure that everyone sees the action.
Rich Binning
Andrew Fitch

It seemed as if everyone was comfortable with the penis origami, even when Rich and Andrew came racing into the audience in the Jewel Box Theater at the Erotic Heritage Museum. The show is a perfect fit at the Erotic Heritage Museum with shows nightly at 8:00pm, dark Tuesdays. Even though it is a full male nudity show, it is non-sexual. It is a work of art. 

All in all it was a night of fun and I would say the majority of the audience was into the show rather quickly because the two stars of the show were so comfortable with their nudity, it was quickly forgotten as they demonstrated the 40 plus applications of penis origami. I would recommend this show for a good night out for fun. The Erotic Heritage Museum is located at 3275 Industrial Road. 800 595-4849.