Malik Pointer

Malik Pointer

Photos by Nikki Artale

Malik Pointer is a mega talented singer songwriter that is taking Las Vegas by storm. Malik appeared at the Book and Stage lounge in the Cosmopolitan Hotel last week end. The crowd was on their feet, singing and dancing along with Malik as he climbed on and off the stage to be with them.

Rose Wilder, Malik & Rozi Hasey

The backs up singers, Nandi & Shegun Pointer are the children of Malik’s uncle Fritz Pointer and they also have the Pointer talent. It is good to see and watch the talents of a family as they perform and entertain the people with such joy.

I don’t know where Malik gets all his energy, but he was non stop in his excellent and exciting performance, that kept the people dancing, with his band Macdracula, to his music for two hours

They say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but in this case I would say the “Diamond doesn’t fall far from the tree” because that is what Malik is, a brilliant, beautiful Diamond who shines bright in the spot light.

Malik’s mother is Ruth Pointer and his Aunt is Anita Pointer. They joined him recently to sing a new version of the Pointer Sisters hit, “I’m So Excited”. It is an exciting new version of the song that they have recorded and it’s on the way to be a big hit.

This new generation of Pointers has the total support of the family and they can see how they have influenced their music. Malik’s music career is being managed by Avarie Shevin who has been instrumental in his music world success.

Avarie & Malik

I had the opportunity to interview Malik after the show and he shared that he owes everything he knows to the Pointer Women because he wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for them. He said all this seeped into him subconsciously as he sat through hours of rehersals, while wanting to go to Disneyland. Malik started singing and dancing at age five in talent shows and making up shows and doing the choreography.

Malik wants everyone to have a good time and be entertained an he knows that is what they came for and he builds on that. Look for Malik to be appearing soon on the Las Vegas Strip.

Showgirl Follies

Showgirl Follies

Photos by Nikki Artale

If you produce it, they will come said Mistinguett who created the “Showgirl Follies, Life in Feathers and Rhinestones”. Mistinguett is the Producer, Director & Choreographer of the show that features beautiful dancers and costumes.The costumes had been stored away in bins for over 40 years old, now refurbished and still stunning.

The showgirls showcased their Old Las Vegas style of dancing along with some very talented showmen.

Delia Sheppard was a principal dancer in “Splash” at the Riviera Hotel and was outstanding in the show with her beauty and her costumes.

Another Showgirl has quite a resume from beauty queen to lead singer in many Las Vegas shows. Gabriella Versace was outstanding in the show with her great style of song and dance. Gabriella is currently the lead singer in the band “Nitro”

The showroom was packed with a sold out performance and the audience not only enjoyed watching the beauties, they were also entertained by Fielding West.

Fielding was the MC and he added his comedy and his magical skills to the delight of everyone.

Mark Francis was a welcomed hit with his powerful voice and added eye candy along with the showgirls.

Sheldon Craig won the hearts of the audience as he sang and danced and fit the part of a classy Dapper Dan.

We have Mistinguett to thank for bringing back a day of Old Las Vegas Shows featuring beauty and glamour and a lot of memories.

Mistinguett & Delia

Fish Circus

Fish Circus

Photos by Nikki Artale

Fish Circus is an outlandish band that features Penny Pibbets, who is the star performer at the Absinthe show at Caesars Palace. I first saw Penny in the Absinthe and I was looking forward to see her perform with her band “Fish Circus” at the Bikini Bar in Las Vegas. I had seen the show Absinthe a few times and after seeing Penny Pibbets in the show, I knew that her performance in Fish Circus would be fabulous.

Penny Pibbets

The night started out at 10:00 pm as I watched Penny being transformed as her make up was being masterly applied by artist Robin Slonina. Robin opened up her downtown shop in 2006 and she has a crew of painters and makeup artists that create the living art. Robin painted a fabulous clown face on Penny.

Penny and Robin

Other members of the hit show Absinthe were hanging around the Bikini Bar and created their own show with the customers. Angel Porrino played a mean game of pool and attracted quite a crowd as she does in the Absinthe show where she does a routine in a bubble balloon. Angel is also featured in “The Peep Show” with Holly Madison.

Angel Porrino

Also on hand was trapeze artists Genevieve and Max.

Max and his partner Garret were outrageously dressed to the hilt with dramatic makeup and great wigs. They looked right at home as they mixed in with the crowd.

Garrett, Penny & Max

The show reminded me of a traveling gypsy carnival with an anything goes format. One of their props is a wheel marked with various things to do and the spinner determines what happens when the wheel stops at that spot. This fully engages the wild crowd. We anxiously awaited someone to spin and have it land on the spot to strip. It did and John Michael, the trombone player happily stripped down to his lady bikini.

The band played their own thing and Penny sang and danced wildly across the stage and somehow it all magical came together creating a wild madness in the crowd. It was intriguing and so very entertaining. Penny was a non stop ball of energy.

At one point a few of the women in the crowd went on stage to dance with the band. If the stage was big enough I think that half of the room would have jumped on the stage too. The show was over two hours and shortly after midnight I left being fully entertained and knowing that I would go back again to see the Fish Circus and Penny Pibbets.

Promoter Maggie Leon brought the Fish Circus back to the Bikini Bar, by popular demand and they received a huge welcome from everyone.

Penny Pibbets & Maggie Leon

2 Kings at the Rio

2 Kings at the Rio

Charlie Franks & Ice

The King of Rock and the King of Pop are bringing the house down every night in the Kings Room at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino. The show is receiving rave reviews and everyone is walking out smiling and feeling good thanks to Charlie Franks and Ice who pay tribute to Elvis and Michael Jackson as the 2 Kings.

Ice has been a Michael Jackson tribute artist for over 10 years and it is astonishing to see how he has mastered the application of his make up to look like Michael Jackson. His body moves are perfect and so is his singing. From the moment Ice gets on stage you think you are watching Michael Jackson as he moves effortlessly across the stage.

Words that describe Ice are perfect and a great entertainer. After watching Ice perform, Catherine Jackson, mother of Michael said “You look like my baby”. That is a great compliment coming from her. Ice has traveled the world performing his tribute act and we are so fortunate to have him at the Rio where everyone can see and feel the love of Michael.

Charlie Franks has been billed as the ultimate Elvis and he really is the best, great tribute artist to Elvis. Tall, dark and absolutely handsome Charlie captures the audience’s heart the moment he starts singing and playing his guitar. His beautiful smile melts the hearts of the women in the audience as he puts a scarf around their necks and kisses them on the cheek. At times he will sit on their laps, but not before he shakes the hands of their spouses to make sure it is okay with them. At that point it doesn’t matter because he can sit on their laps or for that matter, on my lap anytime.

His love for Elvis shines through in his performances as The King. Charlie started performing at the age of 12, taking a short break a few years ago, but now he is back in full swing. Come and hear the sound and see the look of The King and have an Elvis concert experience.

Show times 5:30-6:30 pm, nightly, dark on Mondays. Doors open at 5:00 pm.

Tickets 39.95-59.95

Adult Entertainment Expo 2012

Adult Entertainment Expo 2012

Photos by Nikki Artale

It was another exciting four days at the Adult Entertainment Expo that was held on January 18-21, 2012 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas NV. It was a chance to see all the latest developments, exhibitors and many new vendors. The new vendors were there to develop relationships with the industry professionals and network with people from all over the world. The seminars brought people up to date on some of the major issues facing the Adult Entertainment business and trends on Social networking.

Teddy Babes

In a world of glitter this was an outstanding item and a must in every household.

The women were stunning and beautiful and the fans were star struck.

Kiara Mia

Capt. Bob, a former porn star was enjoying himself talking to the women and taking photos in their booths. Reverend Robert Billman wrote a book “From Preacher to Porn Star” detailing how he dumped his ministry in the Christian Television industry and became a star in the porn industry.

Capt. Bob

Many adult stars were on hand to sign autographs and take photos with their many fans. Air Force Amy, who calls herself the #1 Authority on Sex and the #1 Legal Prostitute in Nevada for 19 years, greeted everyone in her booth. Amy starred for Seven years on the “Cathouse” TV HBO series and was voted “Best Legal Prostitute” in the RNR Annual Reader’s Poll 2007-2008.

Air Force Amy

George Ciccarone, a 13 time Emmy winner, from HBO’s Cathouse was visiting Amy’s booth along with Wayne Bernath, President of Way Entertainment.

George Ciccarone & Wayne Bernath

One of my favorite vendors “Eye Candy” was busy making up all the lovely attendees of the show. I love their products and have cases of their eye glitter that I always use to look glamorous.

I interviewed two beautiful porn stars from Wicked Pictures, Stormy Daniels and Alektra Blue.

Stormy Daniels started as a stripper and a dancer but wanted to make more money so a friend asked her to go to LA to shoot a movie for five days. Her friend left after the shoot and Stormy stayed and 10 years later and she is still there. Stormy was 22 when she starred in a feature film for Wicked called “Heat”. In 2004 she won “Best New Starlet” from Adult Video News and since then has directed over 40 Adult movies and starred in over 130 films. Stormy acts and directs 90% of her own movies. She said that directing can be a challenge but that goes good with her control freak nature.

Stormy Daniels

Stormy says she is excited to travel all over the world and gets to schedule her own time.
She gets to choose who ever she wants as her co star and one of everyone’s favorite porn co-stars is Randy Spears. Directing is something that she wants to continue to do and by the looks of it, there is no stopping her. Stormy has appeared in some of the men’s magazines, Penthouse, Hustler, Playboy and High Society.

Alektra Blue is so beautiful with her dark hair and blue eyes and her playful nature.

A spur of the moment decision started her entry into the porn film business. A friend called Alektra and told her she was made for the business and flew her out to L.A. to try it out. Alektra had never watched Porn films and never thought she would ever be making porn movies. She tried it and never left and she became a Wicked Girl.

She has the freedom to choose who she wants to work with and that makes for a better scene all around. Her Mother encouraged her to do the films and that is nice to have this support. Last year AVN had its first fan vote for Best Body and Alektra won awards for Best Body, Favorite Porn Star, Best Supporting Actress and Twitter Queen. She loves all her fans and has over 80,000 twitter followers.

I asked Alektra what she wanted people to know about her and she answered “I’m awesome”. She has the persona of looking hard but actually she is a sweet girl.