Malik Pointer

Malik Pointer

Photos by Nikki Artale

Malik Pointer is a mega talented singer songwriter that is taking Las Vegas by storm. Malik appeared at the Book and Stage lounge in the Cosmopolitan Hotel last week end. The crowd was on their feet, singing and dancing along with Malik as he climbed on and off the stage to be with them.

Rose Wilder, Malik & Rozi Hasey

The backs up singers, Nandi & Shegun Pointer are the children of Malik’s uncle Fritz Pointer and they also have the Pointer talent. It is good to see and watch the talents of a family as they perform and entertain the people with such joy.

I don’t know where Malik gets all his energy, but he was non stop in his excellent and exciting performance, that kept the people dancing, with his band Macdracula, to his music for two hours

They say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but in this case I would say the “Diamond doesn’t fall far from the tree” because that is what Malik is, a brilliant, beautiful Diamond who shines bright in the spot light.

Malik’s mother is Ruth Pointer and his Aunt is Anita Pointer. They joined him recently to sing a new version of the Pointer Sisters hit, “I’m So Excited”. It is an exciting new version of the song that they have recorded and it’s on the way to be a big hit.

This new generation of Pointers has the total support of the family and they can see how they have influenced their music. Malik’s music career is being managed by Avarie Shevin who has been instrumental in his music world success.

Avarie & Malik

I had the opportunity to interview Malik after the show and he shared that he owes everything he knows to the Pointer Women because he wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for them. He said all this seeped into him subconsciously as he sat through hours of rehersals, while wanting to go to Disneyland. Malik started singing and dancing at age five in talent shows and making up shows and doing the choreography.

Malik wants everyone to have a good time and be entertained an he knows that is what they came for and he builds on that. Look for Malik to be appearing soon on the Las Vegas Strip.


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