John Walsh Attends the 15th Anniversary of Celebrity Red Carpet 
John Walsh
Nikki Artale             John Walsh
Photos by Nikki Artale

The grand ballroom of the Bellagio Hotel & Casino was the place to be on January 8 to celebrate Canon’s 15th anniversary of the Celebrity Red Carpet. It is also the 30th anniversary for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted show will be a special guest in the celebration. He shared the news that he has a new T.V. show coming out in May which will be tracking down more criminals, with the help of Scotland Yard, making this an international effort.
John Walsh     Jaki Baskow


The emcee for the evening was Richard Burgi of Desperate Housewives. He played Karl and married to Susan, played by Terri Hatcher. Richard and over 30 celebrities celebrated in the fundraiser which raised funds and awareness for child safety and child abduction.
Richard Burgi



A silent auction was held in which the proceeds went to benefit NCMEC. Many gifts were received and auctioned off in the grand ballroom. 
Kevin"Hercules" Sorbo and Sam Jenkins

Sister Wives Get Psychic Advice from Mystic Mona
Photos by Nikki Artale

Mystic Mon held a private screening party at T-Bones at the Red Rock Hotel Casino in Las Vegas to view her T.V. Debut of the Reality Show, the Sister Wives in last week’s episode. TLC showed the episode of the graduation party that was held for Aspyn, daughter of Christine and Kody Brown and Mariah, daughter of Meri and Kody Brown. 
Aspyn and Mariah Brown
Aspyn Brown

Mystic Mona read some of the children at the party and she told Mariah not to second guess herself. She said that the person she will be in a relationship will be bossy like her father. When Kody was told that he responded with “She said that”. I thought that was kind of funny.
Aspyn with Mystic Mona

Kody Brown had another surprise in store for him when Mystic Mona saw a fifth wife in his cards and it is someone he knows and is interested in. It didn’t seem as if Kody was open to bringing in another wife and the sister wives were quiet about it expect for Robyn who thought it was okay. Meri was a little skeptical about the readings but did admit she enjoyed them and Christine said Mystic Mona was Legit.
Kodi and Christine Brown

Mona Van Joseph aka Mystic Mona is a professional psychic holds a Psychic Arts License and hosts the Psychic View Radio every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. Call in number is 347 850-1494.  Many people who have had readings from her say she is insightful and very accurate in her readings with the Tarot, palmistry, tea leaf readings and handwriting analysis. They call her their Angel.
Mystic Mona

Many friends, family and VIP’s attended the private screening party to celebrate Mystic Mona’s debut on the T.V. show.

The Mind Game is a Winner at The Preview Party

Photos by Nikki Artale

The Mind Game was written by Emily Hastings and co-written by Glenn M Student and Mary Shelton as a short story but it very well could have been a feature length film. It was an exciting, sit on the edge of your seat story, and it could have gone on and on. The Mind Game was suspenseful and the acting of the featured stars was excellent.

Cast members were David Mingrino, Ashley Atwood, Stephanie Czajkowski and Mykayla Sohn. The cast was very convincing and perfect in each of their roles. Detective Katherine Bright, played by Stephanie Czajkowski showed a tender side as a mother and a forceful law officer when she finds her daughter is kidnapped. David Mingrino is the psycho kidnapper who battles Katherine in this dark and intense film. Mary the babysitter is played by Ashley Atwood and sweet lovable Amy is played by Mykayla Sohn, who is so believable in this role.
Scot Diel     Emily Hastings  Glenn Student
Cast signing autographs

Wise Rabbit Films teamed up with Emerald Motion Pictures in producing this film that was co-directed by Emily Hastings and Scott Diel. This thriller is sure to win many awards in the upcoming film festivals around the country.

Glenn Student has won other awards for films he made in the 48 Hour Film Projects and the films were shown at the beginning of the event that previewed The Mind Game. Glenn won the Bronze People’s Telly Award for the film A Doll Named Charlotte.

Skin City Body Painting Has a Grand Re-Opening Bash

KoocheeKoo with Anais Thomassian Debut Performance at Hard Hat Lounge



Skin City Body Painting Has a Grand Re-opening Bash

Photos by Nikki Artale

Skin City Body Painting has moved to a new and bigger space that features a photo and video area, art gallery and two floors which allows room for more body painting. They are now located at 1800 Industrial Road, Suite 130.  Robin Barcus Slonina is the founder, artist and owner of Skin City Body Painting and is known for having the best award winning body painters, photographers, makeup artists and models in Las Vegas. 



A ball python named Eve has a home at Skin City and Eve was tenderly held most of the evening by Carolin, who allowed the attendees to have an experience of holding and petting Eve.

The star of the evening was Ross, “Red Bird” from the Cirque du Soleil show Mystere, who Robin chose to paint as a cupcake. Ross represented the Showboy Bake Shop, who sponsored the event with their delicious cupcakes. Ross served the cupcakes as he displayed his acrobatics.  The owners of Showboy Bake Shop, Jared Sullivan and Stephen Loury were present to show off their cupcakes.

Jared and Stephen

Robin and her professional artists will create any living art in any theme and style that you request, from single private shoots to full events. Her painted models have won many prizes and appear regularly at parties, conventions, fashion shows and many more events.  Robin was on the Travel Channel show that featured many of her painted models.



T The Skin City team assists Robin in the day to day routine of taking care of business in the new studio. Jessica Westergom is the Studio Manager, Ross is the Talent Director and Carolin is a model and the model director.


Many fellow performers and celebrities attended the event which also featured a silent auction and prizes. The world’s first body paint hologram, by body paint master Paul Roustan was on display. It was mesmerizing and beautiful to look at.
Kty Mystere Publicist and Kent

The entertainment for the evening was Paige Overton, singer, guitarist from the band Clydesdale who sang many original songs upon request of the crowd. Her soulful country singing in a low wholesome voice showed her sweet personality. Paige was humorous in engaging the audience.

The entertainment continued at an after party at the Hard Hat Lounge with bandleader Anais Thomassian aka Penny Pibbets of Absinthe in the debut performance of her new band KoocheeKoo.  For more information call 702 431-7546 or



KoocheeKoo with Anais Thomassian Debut Performance at Hard Hat Lounge

Anais Thomassian aka Penny Pibbets of the Absinthe show in the tent at Caesar’s Palace is the band leader of a new group called KoocheeKoo. The new band members, from some of the Las Vegas Strip shows, made its debut at the Hard Hat Lounge at an after party for the Skin City Body Painting event. The party continued on as Anais showed her many talents in singing and playing the accordion. The four piece band was great and very entertaining.

Many local entertainers were on hand to celebrate and enjoy the music of KoocheeKoo. The music was unique, original and entertaining.