Trent Carlini 2012

Trent Carlini 2012

Photos by Nikki Artale

Trent Carlini is starring in the Trent Carlini Show in the Shimmer Theater at the Las Vegas Hilton (LVH) hotel casino. Trent Carlini has come a long way since he started the Elvis tribute, performing in many strip hotels including the Riviera Hotel and the Sahara Hotel.

Trent became interested in rock and roll and started performing as a young boy of five and hasn’t stopped since. His voice and mannerisms are magnetic on stage as he journeys through the life of Elvis and many of his hit songs. Trent has many beautiful outfits that he changes throughout the show.

In 1990 Trent won the “Entertainer with the Most King like Charisma”. He took his production show on many tours in Italy, Spain, France and Germany and in 1992 producer John Stuart brought him to Las Vegas to be in the show “Concert in Legends”. Trent went on to win ABC’s “The Next Best Thing” and a cash prize of $100,000.

The audience loved Trent and showed their love by coming to the stage after the show to touch him and hopefully to get a silk scarf.

An added plus to the show was dancer Ashley Belle, who added grace and beauty to the production. Ashley started dancing at a young age with the American Dance Company, which was recognized as Dance Champions of the world at the Dance Grand Prix. Ashley has performed all over the world and has been a featured dancer in music videos and television. Having performed in many strip shows, she now calls LVH home where she performs with Trent Carlini.

Ashley Belle

We are happy to have Elvis back in the building so everyone can once again enjoy the music of the King of Rock and Roll.

Jay White 2012

Jay White

Photos by Nikki Artale

Jay White returned to Las Vegas last week to perform at the Suncoast Hotel with his band “Coming to America”. Jay White delivers with great pride and emotions the music that has been inspired by Neil Diamond. Jay has performed in 4 Star Hotels and theaters nationwide and has a huge fan base. It was an exciting two days to once again experience the world of our very own talented Diamond, Jay White.

Jay came to Las Vegas in 1990 and was with Legends in Concert at the Imperial Palace for nine years, performing in over 5000 shows, corporate events and private parties. With each performance he perfected the voice and mannerisms of Neil Diamond and went on to headline at the Riviera for eight years. I first saw Jay at the Riviera and I was blown away by his perfect look and performance.

His son Neil White plays bass and his daughter Stephanie sometimes joins the show and sings with Jay. It is an emotional experience for Jay to share the stage with his talented children.

Neil White

Not only is Jay an amazing and exciting performer, he has appeared in several movies. He played Neil Diamond in the Ron Howard film “Frost/Nixon” and played the lead role of Bobby Drake in “Beautiful Noise”. Jay is now working with Adam Steck at SPI entertainment in Las Vegas.

Jacket owned & worn by Neil Diamond

Jay’s songs captivate the audience as he encourages audience participation in sing a long to “Sweet Caroline” and “Song Sung Blue”. I must say that my favorite song is “Coming to America” and I feel a tug in my heart and have memories of my grandparents who came from Greece to America through Ellis Island years ago. Jay shared an awesome experience on June 30 when along with a Utah choir and string section; he played a two hour concert to a crowd of 20,000 people, with fireworks and America finale. We are proud to be an American.

The show ended with a standing ovation and a lot of people coming to the stage for handshakes. Jay took the time to meet and greet everyone after the show. We will be looking forward to welcoming back Jay White after his touring engagements. He will be our Diamond forever.

Nikki Artale, Jay White & Judi Rock

2 Of a Kind

2 Of a Kind

Rich Natole & Bethany Owen
Photos by Nikki Artale

2 Of a Kind impressionists, one male and one female who have mastered the world of impressions and mannerisms of famous people we know and love. I am talking about Rich Natole and Bethany Owen who for years have entertained us and made our hearts so very happy remembering the people they were portraying on the stage. The Italian American Club on East Sahara featured the two stars during the special dinner show on June 23, 2012.
Rich Natole

Bethany Owen opened the show as Marilyn Monroe and picked a Daddy from the audience to sing to. She looked and sang like Marilyn Monroe and placed a lot of kisses on Daddy’s face.

An authentic and real looking Joan Rivers appeared shortly and her voice and mannerism’s were spot on. It really looked like Joan Rivers on stage.

Bethany Owen is very believable in all her impressions and when she does Madonna, she brings out her comedic side. The costumes add humor to her impersonation of Madonna.

We were excited to have Bethany introduce many stars in the show and Tina Turner was an added plus as Bethany sang and danced.

A favorite was when Cher brought Sonny on stage and put a wig and a fur vest on him and they did a duet. Bethany has so much talent and her show is spectacular and entertaining.

Next on stage was Rich Natole who has a list of hundreds of famous popular stars that he impersonates. Everyone knows Jack Benny and no introductions were needed when Rich brought him on stage.

A comedic go around took place with the much loved Kermit the Frog with lots of props. It is amazing to see how he captures the voice and then be able to sound like the person. The locals love Rich Natole for his quick wit and fast moving comic impressions.

Some of the favorite impressions he does are of Johnny Carson, Jerry Seinfeld, and Don Rickels, to name a few of the celebrity voices. Rich is always smiling and laughing and will throw out an impression of anyone you ask him to. The show ended with a duet by Rich Natole and Bethany Owen, who had just ended her act with Judy Garland.

MJ Live Show

MJ Live Show

Photos by Nikki Artale

MJ Live Show is the next big hit show in Las Vegas in the Crown Theater at the Rio Hotel and produced by Dick Feeney. Starring in the MJ Live Show is Michael Firestone who has been performing for over 13 years as Michael Jackson. Michael Firestone wanted to be like Michael Jackson since he was a young boy and he has fulfilled that dream perfectly. Michael acknowledged both Kenny Wizz and Lane Lassiter with getting him his first job as a Michael impersonator and is thankful to them for his start.

The dancers are a perfect fit for the show and Missy did a great job as choreographer in the hour long production. Michael says they are great, professional and serious dancers. The wardrobe is eye-catching and there are lots of costume changes through out the show.

Moonwalker is another show that Michael Firestone performs and travels with around the country. He will be rotating between both shows, MJ Live and Moonwalker. He says that the band, singers and dancers are like his brothers and sisters and they are like family. Both these shows will keep him in shape and like the masters, it will lead to perfection.


Michael Firestone changes into eight different outfits; all perfect for the songs he sings and his hair and make up is stunning. He looks wonderful and amazing as he walks on stage and becomes Michael Jackson.

My favorite song is “ Billie Jean” and when Michael Firestone performs this number I immediately, in my mind, see Michael Jackson dancing. This is the crowds’ favorite and they show it with their applause. I know their hearts are touched.

After a meet and greet with his fans I went backstage to talk with Michael Firestone and he shared his thoughts and love for Michael Jackson. He recalled the time when he met Michael Jackson and then another time when he talked to him all night. He considers Michael Jackson to be the greatest performer there will ever be. Firestone had entered a song writing contest, along with 45,000 other entrees and he won second place and that was such an accomplishment.

Michael likes to tour but prefers to be at home with his children, 12 and six year old Taylor, Hayley Rose and Madison Leona who is on the way. Madison Leona is named for his grandmother. The children are really proud of him and they too may be in the entertainment field in the future. Firestone lives in the Northwest with his family, a German Sheppard dog and snakes that Michael Jackson told him it was safe to have, even though the first day he owned the snake, it bit him.

The MJ Live Show will be a must see show that has fantastic dancers and of course the talented Michael Firestone. The dancers are Diane Anesi, Ilir Avdyli, Taylor Garcia, Miki Horiai, Destiny Shami, Daniel Thomson, Ivy Williams.

Firestone had dead front center seats to see Michael Jackson in London and was so sad with Michael’s death that he was going to quit so no one would think he was trying to capitalize on Jackson, and then he saw a lot of bad tributes and he said no way was he going to quit.

Dick Feeney has produced many other spectacular Las Vegas Shows, namely “An Evening at La Gage” at the Riviera Hotel, “Crazy Girls” and “Viva Las Vegas”. Dick is the owner of the “Flying Elvi” that consists of 10 Elvis Presleys sky diving team, who travel all over the world. We are very happy that Dick put together the MJ Live Show for everyone once again to enjoy the music and the dancing.

Tickets are $19.72 general admission and 46.99 for the Golden Circle plus taxes and fees. Call 702 777-7776 or
For each paid adult ticket, a free ticket will be given to those 12 and under.

Vegas Birds

Vegas Birds


Debbie and Mark Obarka brought their talented birds to the Royal Casino in Las Vegas Nevada on June 17, 2012 for a family friendly bird show. They have been entertaining audiences, from theme parks, state fairs, corporate events and in Las Vegas Theaters. Millions have enjoyed their unique talents and interactions with the audiences.

Mark Obarka & Debbie Obarka

One of their stand out birds is Danny a Conure who appeared on “America’s Got Talent” and received a standing ovation from Piers Morgan and the audience. Danny imitated the sounds of a dog, a cat and a duck and was rewarded with pine nuts that Debbie so generously rewarded the birds as they performed.

We were amazed by the talented Roxanne, the Painting Parrot, who for over 20 years has created works of art and has her own website showing her many creations.

An audience member thought of something for Roxanne to paint and this is the original painting she painted for her.

Rusty, the red Macaw pretended to fall asleep as Mark Obarka showed his talent and skills.

The show was very informative as Debbie explained the history of the birds and about their personalities and how they acquired them. The Macaw is very smart and inquisitive and needs a lot of attention. They are not the greatest talkers and are very loud, but can easily learn tricks. Sunshine is a parrot that does a victory salute and walks on a rolling barrel, Jimmy the green parrot plays poker and basketball.

At the end of the show we all had the opportunity to take a picture with the bird of our choice and Sophie & Ari were thrilled to pose with the birds. The Macaw parrots are considered to be the most beautiful and charming and are very intelligent.

The Vegas Bird Show is amazing and a must see for bird lovers. To book your own private or corporate party call 702 966-9770 or email