Ruel James Sculptures are Life like Works of Art

Written & Photos by Nikki Artale
There is a master walking among us known as Ruel James who possesses exceptional skills in creating sculptures of women’s bodies. The sculptures are so real and life like and breathtaking to see and the reason for that is he uses live models. They are truly a beautiful work of art. His admiration and love for the human female body shows though in his sculptures as he creates his pieces.
This artist Ruel James, known for his beautiful paintings and sculptures, is creating a gallery that will be called “A Piece of Heaven” featuring sculptures of beautiful women. The women are posed in many interesting poses and they are all perfectly formed, as seen in the eyes of Ruel James who makes his sculptures come to life. The exhibition will be shown in his studio at 1800 Industrial Road #130E, Las Vegas NV within a few months.
I was intrigued by the sculpture of a pregnant woman and my first thought was how wonderful it would be to have a sculpture showing your baby in the stomach before birth. Many women take nude photographs and make plaster molds of their pregnant stomachs and now this real life statute of one’s own pregnancy is fabulous.
I met Ruel five years ago as I was roaming through an art gallery in a downtown art district. As I passed his studio I was drawn in by a row of scultptured heads that turned out to be the heads of the mob bosses that he was commissioned to make for the Mob Experience at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. They were real looking and eerie and I became mesmerized by the sculptures. I immediately saw Ruel’s talent in his artistry and became an instant admirer. 
I must include this poster that Ruel painted many years ago and it became the second most selling poster in the world. It proudly hangs in his gallery.  I hope one day he will re-release it so it can once again become a best seller.
If you are interested in painting, sculpting classes and private lessons you can contact Ruel James at 702 612-2016 or email him at




Celebrity Impersonators & Tribute Artists Celebrate at the Reel Awards Convention. 
Written & Photos by Nikki Artale

The 22nd production of the Reel Awards came back once again in Las Vegas on February 22, 2016 at the Golden Nugget Hotel by the Co-Founders and Producers, Janna Joos and Alana Joos. The production started in 1989 as an awards show that starred VIP Celebrity Impersonators, Look-Alikes and Tribute Artists. The conventions brings together the best of the celebrity impersonators for the Reel Awards and to honor them for their talents. 
After a 3 year hiatus Janna & Alana Joos brought back the convention and thanked their proud sponsor “Stars in Concert” for his encouragement to bring back the show.  Producer Bernhard Kurz is a leading expert for tribute shows and he has produced Stars in Concert since 1997 in Berlin, Germany. Bernhard Kurz was a guest speaker at the seminars and you could hear a pin drop as he spoke to the attendees and shared his priceless knowledge. Bernhard received the reel award for best Director/Producer. 
Alana Joos & Janna Joos
Nikki Artale & Bernhard Kurz
Look-Alikes, Sound-Alikes and Tribute Artists from around the world attended the Red Carpet, performed on the stage in the Gordie Brown Showroom and nightly on the First Street Stage. Dee Dee Hanson as Joan Rivers, introduced everyone on the Red Carpet and did a fabulous job as Joan Rivers.
George Kane
Keith  George
Some of the winners were Best Actor: Ronnie Rodriguez as Johnny Depp Pop & Rock for Reel: Bill Pantazis as George Michael Impersonator You Love to Work With: Bettina Williams as Whoopie Goldberg. Bettina co-hosted the award presentation with Marcel Forestieri who was an excellent Donald Trump.

Outstanding performances and perfect likeness to the stars were Sandy Vee Anderson as Dolly Parton and Tierney Allen as Lady Gaga. I love both these ladies and the stars they pay tribute to.  It is truly a joy to watch these performers become the stars as our love and our hearts open up to them.
Sandy Vee Anderson
Tierney Allen
A special moment came when I discovered there were two hot Greek Men in the show and as you all know I am Greek, I was very excited to spend some time with them and have them on each side of me for the photo.
George Michael, Bill Pantazis, Nikki Artale, George Thomas
I was most impressed with Natalia Faircloth who was a Michael Jackson Impersonator. Natalia is a 12 year old girl who is so precious and sweet and a bundle of talent. She performs in many schools and is a voice for Bully Busters 702 Kids Radio, A radio show hosted by kids for kids.  Natalia is a child star who is definitely going places.
The Celebrity Impersonators Convention was a place to network, learn and attend valuable seminars by the best in the business. It is a time to recognize the outstanding individuals who pay tribute as celebrity impersonators from all over the world.

Lights! Camera! Action! See you next year at the Red Carpet and Awards Show.

Red Herring Premiere/Red Carpet at AMC 18 Theater in Town Square
Joshua Cohen & Jeremy Settles
Written & Photos by Nikki Artale
The world premiere of Red Herring was held on October 27, 2015 at the AMC 18 Theater in Town Square, following a red carpet that was hosted by G. Eric Miles and Kimberly Miles. This Las Vegas Independent film production was produced and written by Joshua Cohen and directed by Ousa Khun with Jeremy Settles co-producing.
Joshua Cohen & Ousa Khun
Joshua Cohen

Many cast and crew members and VIP’s attended the premiere and walked the red carpet. Red carpets are always exciting because it lets the attendees meet the featured cast members. The story is about the Las Vegas homicide detectives Jack Adamson (Robert Scott Howard) and Mason White (G. Eric Miles) who are investigating the murder of Wilkinson (Ross Alzina). There is a lot of action and suspense and a surprise ending.
G. Eric Miles, Kimberly Miles & Diana Eden

Also featured in the film was Vincent Pastore and Holly Valance and a cameo role of former Mayor Oscar Goodman. It is always fun to see our local personalities appear in these independent films.
Oscar Goodman
G. Eric Miles

If by chance you missed seeing Red Herring you will have a chance to see it when it will be released on Amazon. Go and see this murder mystery and the hunt to find the killer called The Blue Screen.  The story line and the acting was so good and G. Eric Miles played an excellent role in the film, great acting and I loved his performance. I will definitely watch the Red Herring again.

Chippendales the Most Wanted and Desirable Men in Las Vegas
By Nikki Artale
The Chippendales is the best live male strip show in Las Vegas. The show is electrifying with all the hard bodied Hotties dancing the night away on stage. The 75 minute show is awesome and fulfills everyone’s fantasies in the audience. The dances are electrifying and the interactive games are tantalizing and leaves nothing to the imagination. I loved the dance with the flashing censored signs that they held in front of them. 

The celebrity guest host is actor, producer Tyson Beckford, who is also one of the world’s top male models. The screams were deafening when Tyson came on stage and the women couldn’t get enough of him. Tyson was named one of the “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” by People Magazine and he truly deserves that title. One look at him and your heart beats with desire. I took the opportunity to exchange kisses with Tyson Beckford in the flirt lounge after the show. He sure is special.
Nikki Artale & Tyson Beckford
Nikki Artale & Tyson Beckford

It is an all new show with a fabulous video screen in the background that shows the Chippendales in action with magnificent colorful visuals that add to their dances. Just before the show ends the women are asked to come to the stage and take as many pictures and videos as they want. When the show ends the Chippendales sit on the stage and take pictures with the lucky ladies. Another treat is hanging out in the flirt lounge with some of the Chippendales and get the opportunity to get close up with them.

Melissa Owens

The Chippendales is a must see show at the Rio All Suite Hotel in Las Vegas. You will find yourself talking about this show forever.   

Jay White Plays to a Sold Out Show at the Suncoast Hotel

Written & Photos by Nikki Artale
The Suncoast Hotel in Las Vegas was the place to be on September 12, 2015 as Jay White once again sold out to the lucky people who were able to get tickets to see Jay White pay tribute to Neil Diamond. We don’t get to see Jay White perform often in Las Vegas because he is busy traveling across the country playing to many fans who love him and his tribute show. It must be both thrilling and exciting to have his son Neil and daughter Stephanie be a part of the show. Neil on the guitar and Stephanie singing, especially You Don’t Bring Me Flowers, duet.

Another exciting feature in the show was having percussionist King Errisson playing that night. King has played and toured for years with Neil Diamond and he has been traveling on tour with Neil and when there was a break in his tour he was able to come to Las Vegas and play with Jay White’s show. King has made many albums and played with many of the best artists in the world. When he is not working he relaxes in his own hotel, the Pestell Beach Resort in the Bahamas’.  It is good to be King.
Nikki Artale & King Errisson

Jay White has mastered the look, the sound and the mannerisms of Neil Diamond and the audience could close their eyes and think it is truly Neil Diamond on stage. The highlight of the show has always been “Coming to America” and I can relate to my Grandparents who had the courage at 46years of age to bring my mother and aunt here to America. It was with pride that I had their names, many years ago, put on the wall of Ellis Island to celebrate their Coming to America. Thank you Jay White for always making that experience real for me every time I am in your audience listening to your beautiful tribute music.
Nikki Artale & Jay White

And as always Jay met with his many fans after the show with his wife Pam and his children. Until next time, keep sparkling.
Stephanie, Jay & Pam