Yvette Brown Cosmopolitan Connections

Yvette Brown
Cosmopolitan Connections

                                                                       Yvette Brown

The “Ladies Mehndi Mingle Event” took place on May 20, 2011 at Sumita Beauty inside the Fashion Show Mall. Vegas Socialite Yvette Brown along with her Hottie Hosts arranged the night of complimentary beauty services, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.
                                        Yvette Brown & Melissa Neman

It was a fabulous treat formany of the women that attended as they received complimentary services of the Art of Threading, Lashes and face and body glitter stones.

An artistic team provided Henna body art with natural Henna.

Mrs. Nevada- America 2011 Amanda Kouretas joined in on the festivities and Amanda is representing the pageant with elegance, grace and beauty. She is a great role model for all of us.
                                             Amanda Kouretas
                                                      Yvette Brown & Amanda Kouretas

Be on the look out to see Amanda at a brand new Greek Taverna that just opened in Tivoli Gardens called Petra. It is owned and operated by her husband Demetri and his brother Dan who have two other restaurants “Opa” in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Petra is at 440 S. Rampart Blvd at Alta in the beautiful Tivoli Gardens. The menu looks fabulous and they have food that they grew up with. I love Greek food and I definitely will be dinning at Petra’s because as you all know, I am Greek and very proud of my heritage.

Yvette Brown has lived all over the world and has now made Las Vegas her home. It looks like Yvette has done it all, a professional dancer, TV personality, modeling and now what she does best is getting people together for fabulous events and networking. Whatever event you attend you will see the beautiful full of life lady that warms your heart with her smile. Go to her parties and you will surely agree with me. Check out the next events.
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Michael Horn The Silent Revolution of Truth

Michael Horn
                                                                   Michael Horn

Michael Horn has the accurate information on Billy Meier who has been in contact with the aliens since he was five years old. Billy has been issuing prophecies and predictions for over 65 years along with many photos taken from within the space ships. Michael is the official Billy Meier representative here in the U.S. and has traveled extensively, giving seminars and speaking eloquently about Billy Meier and his UFO connection. Michael has met with Billie Meier every year since 2000.

I have always been curious about UFOs and Aliens and I wanted to know more about their existence. I was curious and sat spell bound as Michael Horn talked about the extra terrestrial humans and Asket who met with Billy Meier many times. Michael talked non stop and held the audience captive with his knowledge and information. His slide show showing the UFOs were fascinating. He spoke for over three hours, without hesitation about the predictions and prophecies that were given to Billy Meier. He has warned of the storms, earthquakes since 1951 but apparently no one is listening.

Michael shared material that has been published by Billie Meier and shared the prophetic statements that started back in 1975. The Tsunami that hit the Pacific Northwest Coast was one of the predictions and that was never expected, it just came out of nowhere. There are too many predictions to list here but you can find them in his books and papers that he has shared with everyone over the years.

In order to involve the younger generation, a comic book has been made about “The Adventures of Billie Meier” so hopefully the young people will be aware of the Alien Humans. Everyone loves the comics and the message does come through in the comic books.

Retired Col. John Alexander attended the lecture and enjoyed talking to Michael Horn after the meeting. John has worked within the scientific and military communities and according to his new book “UFOs Myths and Realities” there is no government cover-up of the UFOs. John Alexander has a top secret security clearance and travels all over the world lecturing on this topic. He says “Somebody or something is certainly here.”

Michael Horn and John Alexander

The lecture did peak my interest and now I plan to attend a one day seminar exploring the presence of UFOs, past and present and Abductions. Some of the topics will be presented by Guest speakers, Dr. Roger Leir on Alien Implants: Can the Truth Be Found through Science and Jason Martell on Knowledge Apocalypse. It is presented by Let’s Talk Productions

On Saturday June 4, 2011 from 9:30 am-5:30 pm at Tahiti Village Tower 5, 7200 S Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas NV. Tickets are available by calling Tracie Austin-Peters.

877 855-8646.

                                            John Alexander & Tracie Austin-Peters

The Silent Revolution of Truth is an award winning documentary written and produced by Michael Horn in which he tells the story of Billy Meier from his first encounter with the Aliens and UFOs, when he was five years old. It is a fascinating story that has continued for over 65 years. Hear some of the details in the following video.

Jeff Timmons

Jeff Timmons
Chippendale’s Guest Star

                                                    Jeff Timmons
Photos/Videos by Nikki Artale
Jeff Timmons, the founding member of 98 Degrees walked the red carpet opening night at the Chippendales show, on May 12, 2011 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. It was exciting to meet and talk to Jeff as he displayed his charm and flexed his muscles for the media. Jeff brought along his beautiful wife Amanda and her son Ashten, who is a Chippendale in the making.

Jeff is a newly wed, having married Amanda last November, and added Ashten as his stepson to the family. You could see the love and admiration in the father son relationship as Ashten clung to Jeff and gave him hugs and kisses.

Jeff & Amanda Timmons

The Chippendales are the best all male strip show in Las Vegas with a cast of 10 gorgeous, steamy, hot, sexy men who tease the women in the audience with their high energy movements and dancing. The women start screaming from the moment the men appear on the stage until the end of the show and I think it is the uniforms that they wear, dressed as cowboys, firemen, military officers and ohhhhhhhhhhhh those long black coats that are so sexy.
Or just no clothes at all which they do a lot in ending each number as you can see here by one of the sexiest Chippendales.

                                                    Jace Crispin

Jeff Timmons stole the hearts of the young ladies in the audience, especially one lucky one that Jeff brought on stage and sang “I Do Cherish You” and gave her a red rose. Jeff sang a few of 98 Degrees biggest hits and at one point the ladies ran to the stage as he sang and for a moment it looked like it was going to be a Jeff Timmons concert. They were encouraged to sit down after the song so the Chippendale show could go on.

Each and every Chippendale is great on the stage and Chaun Thomas is outstanding as he creates his original Michael Jackson “Gansta” dance.
After the show it was off to the Flirt Lounge to meet Jeff Timmons and the Chippendales who came in to mingle, sign autographs and take lots of pictures with everyone. They were so wonderful to be with and they made everyone feel so special. These are my kind of guys.

                                                      Nikki Artale & Jeff Timmons

                                        Chaun Thomas & Melissa Walton

                                        Juan DeAngelo & Connie Brown

Jeff has a four week engagement with the Chippendales so make sure you go to see him at the Rio All Suites Hotel Casino between May 12-June5. I leave you with this video of the fabulous Chippendales. I will see you at the next show.

Tony Pace Achieving His Dreams

Tony Pace
Achieving His Dreams

Photos & Videos by Nikki Artale
After having toured the country and head lined in Atlantic City for awhile, Tony Pace is finally back in Las Vegas. Tony will be performing at The Clarion Hotel Casino on June 6 & 7, July 25 & 26, August 22 & 23 with his eight piece band. His shows were sorely missed and now Tony is back. He put on a fabulous 60 minute show last week end. It went by so fast and everyone did not want it to end.

A favorite of the crowd was the duet between Julio Iglesias and Willie Nelson singing “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before”. It was hilarious to watch him go back and forth with the hat, wig and hairpiece as he sang the duet. Tony is a non stop ball of energy as he shares over 30 impressions of the all time greats.

Tony’s other impressions were of Louis Armstrong singing “What a Wonderful World” with the famous white handkerchief, Johnny Mathis singing “Misty” and Rod Stewart jumping wildly across the stage. Tony had his moments when he sang Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole’s “Unforgettable” playing to the ladies and men in the audience. He found two bald headed men and as he gently caressed their heads, he brought laughter to the entire audience.,

Tony knows how to work a crowd and he’s mastered his technique to include the audience in his show, which at times are hysterically funny. Three men from the audience were brought up on stage to play instruments in one of the skits and Tony’s comedic timing was so perfect, it was hysterical to watch.

My favorite part of the show is when Tony Pace sings “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera, in his beautiful three octave tenor voice that touches every nerve in your body. I saw Phantom three times and I absolutely love the show so it is special to me when I hear Tony Pace sing his rendition.

What would a show be without Elvis entertaining the crowd and then introducing his son-in-law, Michael Jackson? It was a great performance and left everyone wanting more. These performances were just another display of Tony’s great talent.
We were in for a treat when Tony Pace introduced, as part of his show, Anthony Rais the magnificent puppeteer who has created many fabulous and spectacular animated marionettes, Malachi, Semone, Rigga Mortease and Totolino. Totolino is a boy clown whose movements are brought to life by the genius talent of Anthony Rais. I was fascinated and mesmerized as I watched Totolino move effortlessly as Anthony tugged on his strings.
                                       Tony Pace, Anthony Rais

The Tony Pace show is a feel good show to see over and over again as you watch his great talent and mastery of the stars. Tony is a joy to watch because you can see and feel how much he loves what he does. He is inspirational and he is living his dream.

                                                       Tony Pace

Mosaic Five Shinning Stars

Five Shining Stars Video
Heath Burgett, John Gibson, Sean Gerrity, Troy Dolendo and Josh Huslig are the next great vocal group to come our way in Las Vegas. They are called “Mosaic” and they have amazed audiences across the country with their incredible a capella singing. The music is great and then you look around to find the band. There isn’t a band playing, it is their human voices producing every sound.
Josh Huslig, baritone, bass singer founded Mosaic in 2004 and brought on the other members who were performing in other shows. They began playing on cruise ships and performing at corporate conventions. They caught the eye of George Wallace and he hired them for his opening act at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. Mosaic performed in many other hotel casinos including the Mirage and Mandalay Bay, and opened for Prince.

                                                   Josh Huslig-baritone, bass
                                                      Heath Baurgett-tenor

                                                   TroyDolendo-baritone, bass,vocal percussion
                                        Sean Gerrity-tenor, vocal percussion
                                                     John Gibson-Baritone, bass

Their pop rock sound includes the guitar, drums and bass as they play the instruments with their voices. It is truly amazing the sound that they produce in their performances.

Mosaic has won many awards and one award they are proud of is being crowned the winner of MTV’s Top Pop Group in October 2008. On July 22, 2009 they appeared on “America’s Got Talent” and were one of the top 40 contestants, but only made it to the quarterfinals. They should have won that competition, according to some of the people I talked to. Their loss is our gain because now they will be the new show at the Silverton Hotel Casino in Las Vegas in the Veil Theater.

Mosaic hosted a media night with a huge party at the Silverton Hotel on April 23, 2011 and thrilled the attendees with the fabulous show. The handsome young men made quite an impression on everyone with their warmth, charm and talent. Everyone gathered around them after the show to talk and take pictures and get to know them personally.

This is a must see show you can bring your family to enjoy and by the looks of it, they will be here for a long engagement.

Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight
Empress of Soul

On April 26, 2011 the Tropicana Hotel Casino was the place to be to see the fabulous Gladys Knight, a mic and a light, perform to a loving and welcoming audience.

The room was filled with love and Gladys expressed her appreciation to all the fans that could have been anyplace else and chose to come and be with her.

An 11 piece band, backup singers and dancers made this a special experience to an enthusiastic audience. Gladys Knight had her brother Merald “Bubba” Knight as her special guest and he rocked the house. Bubba is a R&B soul singer and is best known for the groups hit singles “Midnight Train to Georgia” and “I heard it Through the Grapevine”.

Merald "Bubba" Knight

We had a chance to meet Bubba and some of the band members at a reception before the show in the lounge and Bubba was a delight to talk to. Bubba is proud of his little sister and he said he taught her well.
                                        Neil Taffe, Ken Young, Bubba Knight, Arno Lucas

A nostalgia of the long ago time when Gladys Knight and the Pips were starting out was shown on a screen during the show and many memories became real again. The group had a string of hit singles on Motown records and Buddah Records from 1967 to 1975. Gladys was the lead singer with the Pips, which included her brother Bubba and their cousins Edward Patten and William Guest as backup singers. They were from Atlanta, Georgia and were active from 1967 to 1975. Gladys started singing at the age of seven in 1952 and she won the Ted Mack’s Original Amateur Hour.

As the show came to an end, Gladys shook the out stretched hands of her loyal fans and there were many happy and sad faces as the show came to an end. Gladys said this would not be a concert, it would be an experience. It was an experience to watch this seven time Grammy award winner singing the wonderful songs of yesteryear.

Gladys Knight performs on Tuesday –Thursday at 8:00 pm, Friday-Saturday at 9:00 pm at the Tropicana Hotel Casino, 3801 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Call 800 829-9034. Video