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Michael Horn
                                                                   Michael Horn

Michael Horn has the accurate information on Billy Meier who has been in contact with the aliens since he was five years old. Billy has been issuing prophecies and predictions for over 65 years along with many photos taken from within the space ships. Michael is the official Billy Meier representative here in the U.S. and has traveled extensively, giving seminars and speaking eloquently about Billy Meier and his UFO connection. Michael has met with Billie Meier every year since 2000.

I have always been curious about UFOs and Aliens and I wanted to know more about their existence. I was curious and sat spell bound as Michael Horn talked about the extra terrestrial humans and Asket who met with Billy Meier many times. Michael talked non stop and held the audience captive with his knowledge and information. His slide show showing the UFOs were fascinating. He spoke for over three hours, without hesitation about the predictions and prophecies that were given to Billy Meier. He has warned of the storms, earthquakes since 1951 but apparently no one is listening.

Michael shared material that has been published by Billie Meier and shared the prophetic statements that started back in 1975. The Tsunami that hit the Pacific Northwest Coast was one of the predictions and that was never expected, it just came out of nowhere. There are too many predictions to list here but you can find them in his books and papers that he has shared with everyone over the years.

In order to involve the younger generation, a comic book has been made about “The Adventures of Billie Meier” so hopefully the young people will be aware of the Alien Humans. Everyone loves the comics and the message does come through in the comic books.

Retired Col. John Alexander attended the lecture and enjoyed talking to Michael Horn after the meeting. John has worked within the scientific and military communities and according to his new book “UFOs Myths and Realities” there is no government cover-up of the UFOs. John Alexander has a top secret security clearance and travels all over the world lecturing on this topic. He says “Somebody or something is certainly here.”

Michael Horn and John Alexander

The lecture did peak my interest and now I plan to attend a one day seminar exploring the presence of UFOs, past and present and Abductions. Some of the topics will be presented by Guest speakers, Dr. Roger Leir on Alien Implants: Can the Truth Be Found through Science and Jason Martell on Knowledge Apocalypse. It is presented by Let’s Talk Productions

On Saturday June 4, 2011 from 9:30 am-5:30 pm at Tahiti Village Tower 5, 7200 S Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas NV. Tickets are available by calling Tracie Austin-Peters.

877 855-8646.

                                            John Alexander & Tracie Austin-Peters

The Silent Revolution of Truth is an award winning documentary written and produced by Michael Horn in which he tells the story of Billy Meier from his first encounter with the Aliens and UFOs, when he was five years old. It is a fascinating story that has continued for over 65 years. Hear some of the details in the following video.


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