Vienna Girardi and the Chippendales
                                                           Vienna Girardi

Jaymes Vaughan, Vienna Girardi & Chaun Thomas

Vienna Girardi hosted the Chippendale show on November 5th and had the men all to herself before the show. The Chippendales showered her with red roses, posed for many photos and lifted her high in their arms. Vienna was the winner on “The Bachelor” an ABC hit series that I watch faithfully. Jake Pavelka won Vienna’s heart and broke it several months later on public TV. Not to worry, the bachelorette got a lot of attention from the Chippendales.

Vienna said she never saw the Chippendales before and was a little nervous but very excited to host “The Ultimate Girls Night Out”. Vienna joined the men on stage for the Ride a Cowboy segment of the show.

Vienna is now living in Beverly Hills and plans on going home to Florida for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. She is becoming quite the star with many TV appearances on Ellen and Entertainment Tonight and featured in numerous magazines including Star and People.

We are looking forward to seeing more celebrity guest hosts on the show with the handsome Chippendales. Whenever they appear on stage it causes hearts to skip many beats looking upon the most perfect men in the world.

I lost track of how many times I have seen the Chippendale Show but it doesn’t matter because I intend to go to see the show many more times. I am still excited and thrilled to be in the Chippendale showroom amongst the most handsome, sexy and perfect men.

My best and favorite photo of the night was of Chaun Thomas
                                          Chaun Thomas
Chaun is beautiful and charming. Most nights you can see him in the Flirt Lounge after the last show of the night. That is a plus meeting the Chippendales after the show in the lounge.
Chippendales perform nightly at 8:00 p.m. (dark Wednesdays). Friday and Saturday at 10:30 p.m. Tickets are $39.95 and $49.95. For tickets call 702 777-7776. Tickets for locals are $25.00 with a valid Nevada I.D.

Nunsense Las Vegas

Nunsense Las Vegas
Nunsense has a cast of five local women performers who are the epitome of Broadway singers and actors. They are fantastic, believable and have mastered their roles of the Sisters of Hoboken. Diane Ellis plays Reverend Mother and she is having a fund raiser to get money to pay for the funeral of four sisters, who along with 48 other sisters were accidentally poisoned by the resident nun cook. Reverend Mother bought a plasma T.V. and then did not have enough money to bury four of the sisters. The bodies were put in the freezer while they planned a benefit show to get money for the burials.

That is where the humor begins as they plan the event. Outrageously funny is Sister Amnesia, played by Janien Valentine who can’t remember anything. Janien puts on a spectacular performance with a singing puppet.

Sister Hubert played by Michelle Johnson took charge of the stage and belted out a song at the end that had everyone standing and clapping. Michelle is a powerhouse.

Sister Leo is played by Robin Vincent and Sister Robert Anne by Kathryn Arianoff. They sang and danced in perfect harmony with the other nuns and it was magical watching them.

Congratulations and great job to Nancy Gregory, who choreographed and directed Nunsense. The Shimmer Cabaret in the Las Vegas Hilton is a perfect venue for the show.

I always love it when the cast come out to meet with the people and take pictures with everyone.

Diane Ellis robin Berry Vincent, Michelle Johnson, Kathryn Arianoff.

Janien Valentine also stars in Peep Show at Planet Hollywood and left before the picture was taken.