The Ogden Downtown Las Vegas Has Urban Lifestyle Amenities

Photos by Nikki Artale
The Ogden is the place to live as you tower above the downtown city below, views of the strip and the Freemont Experience. One-, Two- and Three Bedroom are available with a fitness center, rooftop pool, clubhouse and more.

1 Bedroom unit from $200s, 2 Bedroom units from $300s and 3 Bedrooms from $500s. An exclusive Broker Event was held to view the fabulous units and enjoy a catered food tasting event and the Reyka Vodka drinks on the Sky Deck. My favorite were the Crab and Tuna Balls.
The design features open floor plans, large kitchens with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, large walk-in closets and many more amenities. An added plus is the ground floor dining options: Scullery, Wild and Rachel’s Kitchen.

The Ogden is an exciting place to live downtown. For more information and appointments to view the units call me:      Nikki Artale: Realty One Group 702 279-7001

Showtime is casting for the Hit Series “Gigolos”
Brace  Nick Vin Garren Ash Bradley

Written by Nikki Artale
Production of the sixth season will be shooting in Las Vegas in April and it is an opportunity for some adventurous women and couples to appear on camera in this sexy docu-series the Gigolos. The series is about the country’s top straight male escorts for women who offer their attentiveness, intellect and ultimate dating experience to fulfill any desires for a perfect date.

Garren James is the owner of Cowboys 4 Angels and a consultant for Gigolos on Showtime and he is searching for women living in the U.S. that want to take part in the ultimate date experience with a Gigolo of their choice. The men are absolutely handsome and intriguing and true gentlemen and everyone’s fantasy. I have personally met Brace and Vin at a couple of media events and they are awesome. It is an adult themed show and you must be willing to allow the cameras to film every aspect of the date and nudity is required.
If you are interested in being on the show you can email your information to:

Full name, phone number, three recent photos, your location and nearest airport and if you were selected to be on the show, what would your fantasy date be (the more creative and naughty the better. Don’t hold back.)

There are limited spaces, so respond ASAP and the Producers and Showtime will have the final say on the selections. Garren James stated Cowboys4Angels in 2008 and has successfully grown the male escort business in Las Vegas, California, Florida, Texas and Georgia. Check out his website at 

Your Highness the Queen of Versailles

Written by Nikki Artale & Victoria Alexander
Photos by Nikki Artale

There’s a new power couple in Las Vegas – David and Jacqueline Siegel. The Orlando timeshare king has expanded his Westgate Resorts portfolio with the purchase of the Las Vegas Hotel from Goldman Sachs, for a price tag believed to be somewhere around $150 million to $170 million. Las Vegas real estate changes hands frequently, but the arrival of Mrs. Siegel is the really big news.

Jacqueline Siegel (and her husband and eight children) were the subject of a highly entertaining, well-received documentary, THE QUEEN OF VERSAILES.  The documentary, directed by Lauren Greenfield, won the U.S. Directing Award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, and the film-critics aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, which carries Victoria’s film reviews, reported 95% of critics gave a positive review.

The film followed the family as construction began on their mansion, called the Versailles House, modeled on the Palace of Versailles. Located on the outskirts of Orlando, it will be the largest single-family detached home in the United States when completed. However, like Las Vegas real estate, Siegel's company was badly affected by the Great Recession in 2008. 

THE QUEEN OF VERSAILES follows the family as the economic downturn affects them and construction of the 90,000-square-foot palatial home in Orlando, Florida, is halted. What made the Queen of Versailes so interesting was the enchanting Jackie Siegel.

Another mega-house has since made the news – Pensmore, Steven T. Huff’s 72,000 square feet of living space that includes 13 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms and enough amenities to entertain a small city. The secrecy around Pensmore – is it being prepared as a home base for visiting E.T.? - is currently gathering all the news.

But Pensmore doesn’t have a Jackie Siegel.

Behind every great man there is a woman and in this case there is a majestic woman called Jackie Siegel who is the quiet force behind David Siegel. As the mother of eight children, who she says are down to earth, she takes an active role in their daily lives starting early in the morning getting all of them ready for school. Jackie is a good person with a good heart and along with David works with over 100 charities to help people.
David and Jackie Siegel
In 2012 a documentary was made “The Queen of Versailles”, which won an award for best director at the Sundance Film Festival. It showed the building of their new home which will be the biggest house in America, even bigger than the White House. This 90,000 sq. ft. home will have 30 bathrooms, 15 bedrooms, a skating rink, 30 car garage, three pools and a grand ballroom to hold huge events.

No typical day is the same for Jackie and she also is curating the décor of their new house and is planning a fabulous home office for herself. It will certainly be the mansion’s show-stopper-she plans on installing a shark tank. The sharks will have the finest care as a house member with its own caretaker provided by Sea World. Versailles will be a family friendly home, with some of the staff to help run the house and take care of 10 dogs. Many of these dogs were brought home by the children from dog shelters to save their lives.  Jackie flies back to Las Vegas every other week with David and has a great observant eye in the developing changes of the Westgate Resorts.  She is planning to open up a gift shop in the hotel that will feature the Queens Treasures and everyone can then enjoy the treasures and feel like a Queen.

We met Jackie at Westgate at the media event for the Elvis Presley Museum. Jackie arrived promptly with a gentleman from Los Angeles, who flew to Las Vegas to meet Jackie. He said he was a producer of reality programs.

Jackie talked with us for an hour. It is her charm and openness that has not become jaded by her enormous wealth. In fact, there was never a hint of privilege as she answered our questions about their current home (it’s on an island), their4 planes and their staff.
Victoria was especially interested in how Jackie ran the household. She said they have five live-in staff and a rotating staff numbering 30.
Siegel Family

Victoria forgot to ask if the Versailles House will have a Mr. Carson and, like Downton Abbey’s Lord Grantham, does Mr. Siegel have a butler named Mr. Barrow?

Jackie Siegel, once a media innocent, is now taking control over her image, as the demand for her has increased since the release of THE QUEEN OF VERSAILES. No longer will a reality-star neophyte, Jackie will soon appear on Celebrity Wife Swap. She is contractually forbidden to mention who she spent a week with, except to say David was happy and so was she! We couldn’t get her to give even the first initial of her stand-in husband. Up next Jackie-who is young, beautiful and is not someone easily overlooked, will be judging a Drag Queen Contest.
Nikki Artale      Jackie Siegel

We forgot to ask what David planned for his office.

Now ensconced as the Chatelaine of Westgate, Jackie flies to Las Vegas every other week with David and has a great observant eye in developing changes to the newest jewel in the Westgate portfolio. Jackie is planning to open up a special boutique shop in the Westgate that will feature a Queen’s treasures.

Photojournalist Nikki Artale and movie critic Victoria Alexander come together to interview the extraordinary people of Las Vegas. They are longtime friends and colleagues as well as writers for the Las Vegas Informer. Being extraordinary themselves, they have a mutual interest in the eclectic array of people who call Las Vegas their home.

Nikki first called Las Vegas her home in 1995, arriving from New Jersey as a successful real estate broker. No stranger to the silver screen, on both ends of the camera, she found Las Vegas and its infamous nightlife and entertainment scene the perfect outlet for her extroverted personality. Nikki captures her love of Las Vegas and its performers in her popular column, Vegas Stars.

Victoria has been reviewing films since 1995. She is a member of both the Broadcast Film Critics Association and The Las Vegas Film Critics Society. When not at the movies, Victoria and her husband John travel to exotic locations. She has been to over 60 countries (and counting.) Having lived in both Santa Fe and New York, she comes to Las Vegas with an adventurer’s heart and a love for the extraordinary.

There is nothing strange and unusual that the team of Artale & Alexander are not interested in exploring. If your career is unusual and you would like to meet Nikki and Victoria, please send an email to Nikki Artale at and Victoria Alexander at

Chuck Walker, a Photoshop R artist, re-imaged Nikki and Victoria’s photos as unique avatars. Chuck, who lives in Port Washington, New York, is accepting commissions. The cost of a one-of-a-kind stylized avatar is $250. Payment is accepted through PayPal. Contact Chuck Walker at

Andrew Dice Clay Begins 8 Week Residency at Las Vegas Hard Rock
Andrew Dice Clay     Nikki Artale

Photos by Nikki Artale
It is with great fanfare that welcomed Andrew Dice Clay back in the spotlight to headline his show at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel. His fans have missed him and are so happy to have him back on the stage. I have seen Dice a couple of times in the past and I was excited to see him once again with his no holds barred comic humor. Dice has starred in many feature films including “The Adventures of Ford Fairlane”, HBO Specials “The Dice Man Cometh”, and multiple gold and platinum CDs and most recent he co-starred with Cate Blanchett and Alec Baldwin in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine. Dice showed his professionalism and talent in the films character. Andrew Dice Clay is said to be the most controversial and outrageous comic of all time.  We are all looking forward to reading his new book “The Filthy Truth” to get the inside story of his fabulous life. 

Opening the show was Michael Wheels Parise who is one of the funniest comics I know. His “From Fat to Fit” was a total surprise to me and I didn’t know it was Michael when I saw him in the showroom because he had lost so much weight. Michael looks absolutely fabulous and the delivery of his material was hysterical and it was nonstop laughing for the entire audience.  Michael has worked with Dice for 27 years and they are a great match.  
Michael Wheels Parise

Also opening for Dice was Eleanor J Kerrigan who is Dice’s Ex Fiancé. Eleanor shared her life experiences starting from childhood to adulthood in the hysterical portrayal of her standup comedy routines. She is among the funniest women in America, who first started her career at the World Famous Comedy Store and then went on tour with Dice. She is an added plus to the show.
Wheels             Dice       Eleanor

Andrew Dice Clay met with all the fans after the show to take photos and sign his merchandise and get to know his fans, some from many years ago and many new ones. It was exciting to meet Valarie “Mrs. Dice” who also personally greeted everyone. Valarie is a beautiful, warm and special lady who admires and loves her husband Dice and is a special asset in his life.
Valerie    Eleanor Kerrigan

Andrew Dice Clay has an impressive resume that makes him #95 on the Comedy Central list of 100 greatest standups of all time, has headlined over 300 arena shows, filled up Madison Square Garden 2 nights in a row and has Lifetime ticket sales over 13 million. He is known for his outrageous Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes and he ended his show with that skit to the delight of the audience. This is his destiny and this is his dream and we are thrilled that he continues to share this with us, the audience who loves him.

Las Vegas World Market Center Drew Rave Review

Photos by Nikki Artale
The Las Vegas Market features furniture, home décor and thousands of gifts in their marketplace. Retailers and designers shop from thousands of manufacturers in the wholesale tradeshow. International Market Centers operates the largest showroom space for the furnishings. 

The market attendees had daily complimentary breakfasts and nightly receptions in the Grand Plaza, many cocktail receptions and after parties at Las Vegas’ top nightclubs. Visitors will experience it all, like never before with more gifts and furniture in the expanding showrooms, with more lifestyle merchandise.

Donny Osmond Home Brand is focused on Home and Family which is #1 in his life. He has 15 licensed lifestyle products that include accent furniture, rugs, pillows, fireplace mantels, three dimensional wall tiles and more. Debbie, his wife of 36 years, has made their home warm and welcoming with their range of home décor products. It was fun and personal having lunch with Donny and Debbie Osmond at KAS Rugs, talking about the Osmond Home Brand.
Debbie Donny Osmond

The Las Vegas Summer Market will be August2-6, 2015 with 14 new Outdoor Manufacturers signing long term leases that include Tommy Bahama, Kannoa, Panama Jack and more. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again in August.

Las Vegas Entertainers Hall of Fame Honors Six Performers

Photos by Nikki Artale
Six exceptional Las Vegas entertainers have been inducted into the Las Vegas Entertainers Hall of Fame and Museum. They were honored on January 28, 2015 at the Mad Greek Café in Las Vegas for their individual talent and contributions of their fabulous talent they bring to the showrooms and stages. These are individuals that have contributed their talents to bring joy to everyone. The first entertainer I want to honor is Dondino who arrived in Las Vegas in1980 and started performing in the Lounge in the Frontier Hotel. When they closed the lounge he went Downtown to the Four Queens. What started out as a few weeks booking ended up to playing there for 13 years. He then went to Branson MO and opened his own theater there. Then three years ago he came back to our town and has made Las Vegas his home again and was officially welcomed home by the Italian American Club. The Hall of Fame plaque honors Dondino as a Headliner. We all love the handsome and talented Dondino with his sweet loving voice. http://lasvegas. dondino-has-finally-come-back- home-to-las-vegas/
Cindy Doumani              Dondino

Marty Allen is a 93 year old superstar entertainer that is just as sharp and funny as the day he started working the stages of Las Vegas. His love for people shines through as he takes the time to welcome everyone that comes to talk to him and take pictures with them. Marty was presented with a Lifetime Achievement in Comedy Award. Marty was honored along with his beautiful wife Karon Kate Blackwell who has performed with Marty for twenty years. She is the straight lady with her music to his funny clean comedy. They are fabulous together. Kate was awarded a plaque for being a Five Star Performer.
Karon Kate Blackwell    Marty Allen

Another 93 year old artist Don Hill has been performing for decades with the great sounds of his saxophone. He was the co-founder of The Treniers and they performed all over the world and across the country. It was time to appreciate him and honor him.
Don Hill

Bruce Commander Garrett has been recognized for his achievement in Broadcast Media with his radio show “Nights over Las Vegas with the Commander”. He is part of the KLAV family and has been interviewing local entertainers for many years.
Bruce Commander Garrett

Gary Campbell was recognized for his many achievements in broadcast media. He was the host of “Backstage Live” with Connie Ross. He has been on the airwaves for 40 years interviewing celebrities and reporting the news of Las Vegas happenings.
Gary Campbell

Miguel Guidos aka the Disco DJ was the emcee for the event and he was a steam roller party machine that kept the party alive. He brought along his dancers who entertained the inductees and the many family and friends that attended the event. The Showgirls, Julie C. Langille, choreographer, Jennifer Roberts, Mallory Huck from Showgirls Across America, Dancer Kathy Klems from Casino, Christina Shaw from Legends, Sabrina Russo, Hoop Artist from Cirque and Michael Jackson Tribute Artist, Santana Jackson all added to the celebration.
DJ Miguel
Sabrina Russo
Santana Jackson    Miguel Guidos
Gayle Schreiber is the Director of the Las Vegas Hall of Fame & Museum and was instrumental in bringing all these talented inductees together to honor and acknowledge them for their showmanship and their contribution .Gayle began the Hall of Fame with Jean Bennett, the manager and agent for Buck Ram Platters.
Gayle Schreiber