Sheila Kennedy
No One’s Pet

Sheila Kennedy was in town for the Big Brother gathering and I brought her to the Rio for a photo shoot with the most gorgeous Chippendales in the world. These men are the sexiest men alive and I keep saying how much I love them and every chance I have, I go and see their show. I am always welcomed by my friend Michael Caprio and Kristen Makhatini. Kristen has the best job as the general manager of the Chippendales and she gets to be with them every day.

                                        Sheila Kennedy, Vicky Quagliata & Kristen Makhatini

It was fun backstage, looking on as the photographer staged and posed Sheila and the Chippendales for the photo shoot. They all looked fabulous and were enjoying their time together.

                                          Michael Caprio

                                         Chaun Thomas, Sheila Kennedy & James Davis

                                        Jaymes Vaughn, Chaun Thomas, Sheila Kennedy & James Davis

Sheila Kennedy was a houseguest on the T.V. Reality show Big Brother 9 and placed third, after 77 days in the Big Brother house. I was rooting for her to win and she was a favorite. Many of her fans followed her through out the season and they were so disappointed that she didn’t win. Sheila was a Penthouse Pet of the month in 1982 and in 1983 she was the Playmate of the Year. She was and still is beautiful.

Sheila, a model and actress starred in the movie “Ellie” which also starred Academy Award winner Shelly Winters and Eddie Albert.
She has been working on a book “No One’s Pet” about her lifes story. Readers will find out the truth about the going on’s in the Penthouse Mansion, her many love affairs, hundreds of celebrities and the Saudi Princes. It will be a very exciting and revealing book. I read some of the highlights and I was intrigued and did not want to put it down.
We were excited to learn that Jaymes Vaughn new CD “Vampire” was just released and Sheila gave him a good luck kiss.

You remember that I said that I love the Chippendales, well I have now added someone else to that love list. It is Steven Gantt the star of the new T.V. Reality Show “Gigolos”.

While we were doing the photo shoot I saw Steven Gantt, who was so handsome and gorgeous. When Michael Caprio introduced us to Steven I was so excited because I was looking to meet the Gigolos to do a feature story on them. I could never find a connection to them and now here was Steven. He is great in the show and I love his sweetness, his shyness and his gentleness. Season 2 of the Gigolos is now on SHO every Thursday at 11:00 pm. Filmed entirely in Las Vegas, it shows the male escorts as companions and how they are making womens wishes and fantasy’s come true.

Jimmy, Vin, Steven, Brace & Nick

Steven posed with Sheila and I captured some hot photos of them.

                                         Sheila Kennedy & Steven Gantt

Besides Sheila Kennedy being a great friend, I am happy to report that Steven Gantt & I are very good friends now and I will be bringing him around to the media events so you can meet him. He is wonderful and you will be smitten with him when you meet him. Look for a story on the Gigolos in the near future.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

Photos by Nikki Artale

On October 15, 2011 the Tropicana Las Vegas Resort & Casino, along with PADRES Contra El Cancer (Parents against Cancer) hosted the 11th annual EL Sueno de Esperanza Gala. PADRES is an organization that is committed to improve the quality of life for Latino children that have cancer.

                                           Josie Loren

National spokesperson Eva Longoria and Master of Ceremonies George Lopez hosted its annual fundraising gala event at the Tropicana. Many celebrities walked the red carpet along with the children who appeared in their finest clothes and smiles. One young boy in particular, Dominic touched our hearts with his shy smile as he talked about his work as a landscape artist that he began over one year ago when he was six years old. He walked the carpet with Stefano Langone, an American Idol Finalist. Stefano is a charming, handsome young man.

                                                       Dominic & Stefano
Eva Longoria is so beautiful and charming and she spent a lot of time with the photographers and interviewers. Eva said she has been honored to be a part of the PADRE family for the last eight years and has watched it grow into a national organization. I am a fan of Eva’s from the Desperate Housewives and it was exciting to meet her and talk to her. I loved her character as Gabrielle Solis and now as Eva. George Lopez was a delight to talk to and I saw how much he cared about the children.

                                          George Lopez & Eva Longoria

Barbara Padilla, the first runner up of America’s Got Talent, was one of the musical tribute performers for the evenings gala.

                                                       Barbara Padilla
Cristian de la Fuente who is a PADRES Ambassador, brought his daughter Laura to spend time with the children, their families and celebrities.

                                         Edward James Olmos

                                         Rex Lee

                                                      Jeff Timmons & Angelo Giordano, Sr.

The quality and care of these children have been provided for by PADRES as they help thousands of children that are affected by cancer and blood diseases. Over 12,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. No family is ever turned away and all services are free, “Where there is Life, there is always Hope”.

                                         Chef Carla Pellagrino

Assia Ahhatt

Assia Ahhatt


Assia Ahhatt is a beautiful talented violinist from the Ukraine who made her music debut at the Green Valley Ranch Hotel Casino on October 8, 2011 with Chris Botti. Chris Botti, a Grammy Award winning trumpet player invited Assia to be a guest violinist at his concert for her first appearance in the US.

Assia, a great musical and vocal talent has mastered the violin. She has been playing since she was five years old. At first she wasn’t a willing student and said that playing the violin was like work for her and many times did not want to practice. After all these years she is happy that she continued with her violin playing and she now entertains the world with her excellence and striking beauty. It is mesmerizing to look at her and watch her perform.

The Music Journalists Association of Ukraine gave the prestigious “Best Show” award to Assia and she has also won many international violin contests. Her songs in Russian, Polish and French have been released in an album in 2003 and this year will release a new CD.

It was a great night of entertainment as Lisa Fisher; an R & B singer sang her heart out. Lisa has been with Chris for two years as a guest artist with Botti’s band.

                                              Billy Killson
After the concert Assia sat with me for a private interview and I asked her about her childhood and how she started playing the violin. She really wanted to be a ballerina and study dancing and was interested in the violin. She said it was not Childs play, but a lot of work and as it became more difficult she didn’t want to practice. She lived with her grandmother, who she loved very much and Assia was an obedient child so she listened to her violin teachers when they told her not to go on vacations and stay home and practice. Her teacher promised her parents that Assia would be in international competitions. At nine years old she entered a specialized charter school for music and then on to Technical Schools.
Assia is married to Igor Balenko and they have two sons who love music but have no interest in playing any instruments. Their interests are in sports and other activities and she won’t push them into anything because she remembers how difficult it was not to have a normal childhood and a lot of tears. She did add that she is very happy she was forced to play the violin and that everything turned out like this. An interesting fact that she added was that none of her violin teachers taught their children to play the violin. The violin is the most difficult instrument to play.

                                         Assia & Igor
I asked Assia what she wanted people to know about her and she said that she writes her own music and she sings. As we were ending the interview Chris Botti stopped in her dressing room to say good night and a thank you for a great evening.

 Assia & Chris

Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli is a star that is still shining brightly over her adoring and loving fans. A singer, Oscar and Tony Award winner for best actress in the movie “Caberet”, Liza has captured the hearts of America. Liza is still beautiful and full of energy at 65 years and the audience loved her as she stepped on the stage of the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel for her two day event.

Liza sang her first song and the entire audience stood up and applauded her. She was so moved by it and she said her thought was, as she saw them standing, was “I better be good for them”. She was better than good, she was wonderful.

The band was special during Liza’s performance as they beautifully played her songs and she delivered with her heart felt famous voice. Liza loved the audience and they truly loved her.

Liza loves live performances and she continues to give concerts around the world.. She always comes back to Las Vegas where she is always welcomed with open arms. She is a beautiful lady that is loved by all ages and we are all happy that she continues to share herself with all of us.


The Olympians 2011

The Olympians

Photos by Nikki Artale

Phil Heath won the title of Mr. Olympia 2011 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas at the 46th Anniversary of the Mr. Olympia competition on September 16 & 17, 2011, winning over Jay Cutler, a four time Mr. Olympia. Phil has been competing professionally for five years and now he has won the title of Mr. Olympia 2011, making Phil Heath the best body builder in the world. The Joe Weider’s Olympia Weekend is the largest fitness expo and attracts people from all over the world. It is a time to see the perfect bodies of the men and women Olympians as they step onto Mr. Olympia stage, which is every bodybuilders dream.

The top ten winners are: 1) Phil Heath 2) Jay Cutler 3) Kai Greene 4) Victor Martinez 5) Dennis Wolf 6) Dexter Jackson 7) Toney Freeman 8) Brandon Curry 9) Ronny Rockel 10) Hidetada Yamagishi.

                                                     Jay Cutler
                                                       Kai Greene
Weighing in at the Convention Center

Thousands were in attendance to meet the Olympian and visit the many booths that were giving out samples of energy drinks and energy bars. A favorite booth was Ronnie Coleman’s where long lines formed through out the day just waiting to meet Ronnie.
There were a lot of other competitions going on and the ETT Sumo Challenge was one of them.

                                          Strongest Man Award Video 248
The women also took the stage for the FLEX Magazine Bikini Model Search.

In competition were Figure Olympia, Fitness Olympia and Ms. Olympia. The bodies were beautiful and awesome. The women are 100% committed to their bodies and their health and are to be acknowledged for their hard work and commitment. Iris Kyle, once again won the title of Ms. Olympia.

                                                      Iris Kyle Ms. Olympia 2011

Monique Jones placed 9th in Ms. Olympia. I had a chance to sit and talk with her on opening night at the Orleans arena, as the fans waited in long lines to talk to their idols. One such fan was Kyle Kroll, a Police Capt. in South Orange, N.J., who I might say had a terrific body, was mesmerized by Monique. She is from Greenville, S.C. and has been involved fitness since she was 16 years old. Video 246

                                                     Kyle Kroll and Monique Jones

                                                     Monique Jones
It was an exciting week end walking among all the Olympians and admiring their perfect bodies. It was just as exciting for them to take the stage and show us what they have.