Big Brother 13

Big Brother 13
                                                           Arty & Niki Congero

The Big Brother Bash was held this year at the Rio All Suite Hotel Casino in Las Vegas and the house guests, past and present were there to party. As in the past, other Reality Stars from Survivor, MTV/VHI, The Challenges, Real World Vegas and The Amazing Race came to join in the fun and meet many of their fans. Niki and Arty Congero of “Live At the Studio” hosted the Big Brother Bash week end, as seen behind the scene in a beautiful 50th floor suite with a swimming pool, a fabulous view of the Las Vegas Strip and the Stickman Shadow Band.

Hundreds came out to party and the event was broadcast on a live stream that went out to thousands of fans who couldn’t attend. Paula Lorenz sat at her computer and chatted with everyone as the cast members and guests came on camera for interviews.

                                        Diane Bradshaw & Vickie Hardy

One of my favorite people, who we can always count on to be there with her fans, is the beautiful Sheila Kennedy, BB9 and my good friend Angelique “Frenchy” Morgan, Rock of Love, who always looks fabulous.
                                        Sheila & Ronnie
Everywhere we turned we saw more beautiful women who happily took the time to pose for photos and greet fans and friends and catch up on the newest happenings in their lives.

                                         Liza, Annie,Libra & Dani

It was fun watching the newbie’s fitting in with the veterans.

Adam, Michele, Kalia, Dominic & Keith
                                       Chima, Lawon & Cassie

Two dear friends sharing a moment of happiness before venturing out onto the deck of the Voodoo Lounge for the party.

                                         Kevin & Lydia
Sugar and Dennis wanted to see who could keep the hula hoop going the longest. I didn’t hang around to see who won so you will have to ask them the next time you see them. I’m betting on Sugar as the hula hoop winner.

Having fun on the Red Carpet was Parker who swept Jen off her feet and she loved it.

Michele Noonan always looks beautiful in her different hair colors and styles.

A touching moments at the meet and greet was a tribute paid to Ron Rad, of the Rad Reality Show, who was one of the biggest Big Brother fans. His family was present as his friends shared their fond memories of Ron, before he passed away. His famous leotard that he wore at last years event was given to Dan Kaminski as a thank you to Dan.

Chima Simone interviewed Sheila Kennedy in one of the suites at the meet and greet.   
Another year has ended and we look forward to Big Brother 14 next summer.


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