Cowboys 4 Angels Sweepstakes

Cowboys 4 Angels Sweepstakes
Cowboys 4 Angels Sweepstakes

It all began four years ago when Garren James, a former international male model, appeared on the Tyra Banks show and talked about his male escort agency Cowboys 4 Angels. He also appeared on the Dr. Phil Show and 20/20 to further discuss the male escorts. Garren had the idea of starting a service for women who wanted the undivided and genuine attention of a man that would provide companionship and be attentive and charming. At the time he had been dating a girl who had a woman’s agency for men and he thought it would be great to have a male escort service for women to go to. Garren James has offices in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Dallas and serves as the creative consultant for the Gigolo’s, a T.V. Reality show on SHO.

                           Garren James

One lucky lady is going to fulfill her fantasy by having a 24 hour appointment with a Gigolo of her choice, in a 5 Star Hotel, a flight to Las Vegas and $500.00 spending money. The sweepstake is valued at $5,000.00 and it is open to all women over the age of 21 living in the U.S. The Gigolo’s participating is Ash Armand, Vin Armani, Brace and Nick Hawk. The Sweepstake is from 8/29/12 to 12/31/12

Season three brings a new Gigolo to the show that is absolutely gorgeous with his long beautiful hair and the top requested guy in Miami. Ash Armand is an international model that has traveled all over the world and has a love and admiration for women. When asked about his skills he said he thinks that he is good and wants to give women a lasting memory. After watching one of his episodes I can say that he is a great new addition to the Gigolos.

              Ash Armand
Nick Hawks has been a Gigolo since 2009 and he has stated many times that he is proud to be a Gigolo. Nick is one of the top requested guys and he keeps himself in shape by working out six times a week. His confidence makes him a very sexy guy and he has a great sense of humor when he is around the other cast members.

               Nick Hawk

Brace is one of my favorite Gigolos on the show. I met Brace at an event at Sapphires Club in Las Vegas and I found him to be so handsome, charming and very humorous. Need I say that the women were flocking all around him. I loved the last episode where he dressed up as a drag queen, as requested by one of his clients. He actually looked good and was a good sport about it. Brace is into fitness, yoga and meditation and looks the picture of health with his tan and beautiful piercing blue eyes.


Vin Armani has a great personality and gives 100% of himself to women. His sense of humor and his laughter is contagious and he immediately creates safety in any situation. Vin actually does find humor in everyday life and he is always smiling and laughing and women instantly love him. You can tell that Vin adores women and wants to please them and he knows how to do that.

  Vin Armani

Garren James personally interviews all the men and looks for someone who is well groomed and fit, attractive, educated, charming and most important, have a genuine respect and love for women. Garren said he is having the Cowboys 4 Angels Sweepstakes as a thank you to everyone who has supported them. The Gigolos are in their third season on SHO, Thursdays at 11:00 p.m. and it is a hit show.

To enter go to:

You may be the one lucky lady to win a date with one of the participants, Ash Armand, Vin Armani, Brace or Nick Hawk.

Evil Dead the Musical

                                                          Evil Dead the Musical

I spent last weekend at a horror musical show called “Evil Dead the Musical” at the V Theater in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas. I didn’t know anything about the show so I was in for a big surprise when the blood started flying into the first four rows of the theater. I was seated in the fifth row and managed to keep dry. I had no idea that the rows in front of me were the spatter zone even though everyone seated there had on tee shirts that said “Spatter Zone”. I thought it was a group of people that belonged to a special organization. It became apparent that they were given those shirts to protect their clothing from the blood, which incidentally smelled like cherry juice. I always ask to be seated in the front row so I could take close up pictures but that evening I didn’t request a front row seat. Subconsciously I must have known something.

Evil Dead is a story of five collage students that go to a cabin in the woods that has monster zombies in the cabin that turns them into demons. It reminded me of a Rocky Horror show and Night of the Living Dead plot.

Sirc Michaels directed the talented cast of characters who created a lot of drama and lots of blood. They actually stood on stage and aimed the blood spray at the front rows and then came out into the audience and surprised them by spraying them on their backs. It was so funny and comical and I must say that I loved every minute of it and I was grateful that I wasn’t sitting in their seats.

Limbs are dismembered and a head is cut off and all this is to music and singing and lots of blood. It was a crazy experience and it was a night filled with laughs. Starring were Ash: Ben Stobber, Jake: John Tomasello, Ed: Mathew Antonizick, Scott: Brian Roark, Annie/Shelley: Nicole Unger, Linda: Sarah Willick, Fake Shemp: Chris Fune.

With: Russell Slouffman, Jennie Carroll, Kolton Rostron, Mike Law, Rose Ringer, C. Joel Wood, Lisa Kanizar, Shawnn Morris-Slaughter.

The show runs Fridays at 10pm and Saturday at 11:30pm. Come and see the show and mingle with the cast members after the show.

Regina Lewis with cast members

San Gennaro Feast at Silverton

San Gennaro Feast at Silverton Hotel

Tony Sacca & The Saccettes
Photos by Nikki Artale

The 33rd annual San Gennaro Feast took place this week on Sept. 11-16, 2012 at the Silverton Casino Hotel and featured more than 70 food booths and 80 amusement rides. The festival president Anthony Palmisano once again brought the town another fabulous San Gennaro Feast with nightly entertainment of our local talent and the best Italian food in Little Italy, Las Vegas.

Palmisano is the third generation that has promoted the San Gennaro feast here in Las Vegas and he keeps the Italian culture alive through the music, the food and the wonderful Italian entertainers that participate in the non stop music.

Italian Sausage and Peppers, Philly Cheese Steak, Stuffed Artichokes, Shrimp Scampi, Fried Calamari, Shish kabobs and Linguine and Clams to name the few food items were cooked through out the Feast and the wonderful aromas touched everyone’s heart and filled a lot of stomachs.

Tony Sacca has been a part of the San Gennaro Feast starting in 1985 and he is responsible for bringing all the great talent every night to entertain the thousands of people that attend the event. Tony is a noted singer and television producer and appears with his beautiful “Saccattes”,Chelsea Bernier, Annette Simmonds & Amanda Kaiser.

Many dignitaries were on hand to celebrate the opening night. Mayor Carolyn Goodman is one of our most dedicated mayors and she proves it by her commitment to the Las Vegas Community. I complimented her on how beautiful she looked and she said “Life is good”. I love to hear her speak at events because she is so down to earth and has such a profound humorous side to her as she tells her stories. I am proud that she is our Mayor.

Denise Clemente, Mayor Carolyn Goodman & Cef Josette LeBlonde

Al Lasso, Tony Sacca & Judge Joe Bonaventure

The Grand Lady for the San Gennaro Feast was Denise Clemente, a very talented young lady who entertained nightly and everyone enjoyed her performances. Denise received an award for Female singer of the Year by her peers in 2008 and 2009 and has co-hosted “Toast of the Town” show at the Suncoast Hotel Casino. Denise has a talent show “Rising Stars” and features new singing talents, and she brought Loretta Williams, one of her new talents to perform. It looks like Loretta Williams will be a star.

Denise Clemente

Loretta Williams

One of my favorite local entertainers Tony Pace flew back to Las Vegas to perform on stage, with his dead on impressions and his powerful voice and comedic skills. Tony performs across the country and we are always happy to welcome him home.

Tony Pace

Steve Connoly, Tony Sacca & Tony Pace

The cast from “Jersey Boys” came straight to the Feast after their show ended at the Paris Hotel, to entertain the crowd. They did a sing along with the audience and everyone loved them.

Cast of Jersey Boys

Go and enjoy a festival full of excitement, fun and great food.

Neil Diamond in Concert

Neil Diamond

Photos by Nikki Artale

Neil Diamond said his show is presented as an act of joyful love to all his devoted fans. He’s been grateful to have many loyal musicians and artists who have contributed their talent and love to bring happiness to people all over the world. The Las Vegas show, held on September 1, 2012 at the MGM Hotel Casino, ended a 55 city tour across the United States and in Europe. Six weeks in Ireland, two weeks in Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Belgium and South Africa.

Las Vegas welcomed Neil Diamond with open arms and many standing ovations. Neil gave all the attendees a huge colorful flashing diamond ring and as the arena got dark the place was filled with beautiful flashing diamonds in tribute to Neil Diamond.

The band was fabulous and many of the band members have been playing with Neil for over 30 years and consider themselves family. Ron Tutt drums, King Errisson percussion, John Fumo trumpet, Larry Klimas saxophone, Arturo Velasco trombone, Doug Rhone guitar and Alan Lindgren synthesizer played their hearts out for two hours to create an unforgettable night listening to Neil Diamond sing some of our favorite songs. Each musician was hand picked by the late Dennis St. John, drummer, who passed away two months ago, and is sadly missed.

King Errisson

I was very impressed that Neil, at 70 years old, still has a powerful voice for his age and his energy and movements are still that of a young man. I have been a fan of Neil Diamond for over 40 years and this was the first time I saw him live in concert and it was the thrill of my life to experience the two hours of magic with him. His songs, Hello Again, America and Sweet Caroline are some of my favorites. I loved the duet between Neil and Linda Press singing You Don’t Bring Me Flowers anymore. I bet that every woman in the audience wished it was her in his arms. I know that was my wish.

Julia Waters, Linda Press & Maxine Waters

A special moment came mid way through the concert when an older women walked up to the front of the stage and extended her hand to Neil and he bent down and laid on the stage to kiss her and sing to her..

I was privileged to meet with King Errisson after the show for a personal interview. King is the greatest hand percussionist in the world, playing the tambourine, shakers, bells, congas, bongos, and drums and the sidamo beats that he created. King has been playing with Neil for over 38 years, but who’s counting.

King Errisson is working on a new album “Jump” which will be released within the next three months and he has been commissioned to co write a book on “History of African Drums”. He will be starring in a documentary film “Sample This” which will be coming out soon.

King Errisson
On October 8, 2012 King will be going to Dubai with Giovanni for two weeks and then off to the Bahamas to spend time at the mini resort he owns “Pesto Beach Resort”.
King Errisson lives in Las Vegas with his beautiful wife Aggy and shared that this Las Vegas audience was the best, ever, ever tonight. We thank you Neil and King for once again bringing joy to us in Las Vegas and we look forward to many more years with all of you. Bruce Merrin PR represents King Errisson worldwide