Evil Dead the Musical

                                                          Evil Dead the Musical

I spent last weekend at a horror musical show called “Evil Dead the Musical” at the V Theater in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas. I didn’t know anything about the show so I was in for a big surprise when the blood started flying into the first four rows of the theater. I was seated in the fifth row and managed to keep dry. I had no idea that the rows in front of me were the spatter zone even though everyone seated there had on tee shirts that said “Spatter Zone”. I thought it was a group of people that belonged to a special organization. It became apparent that they were given those shirts to protect their clothing from the blood, which incidentally smelled like cherry juice. I always ask to be seated in the front row so I could take close up pictures but that evening I didn’t request a front row seat. Subconsciously I must have known something.

Evil Dead is a story of five collage students that go to a cabin in the woods that has monster zombies in the cabin that turns them into demons. It reminded me of a Rocky Horror show and Night of the Living Dead plot.

Sirc Michaels directed the talented cast of characters who created a lot of drama and lots of blood. They actually stood on stage and aimed the blood spray at the front rows and then came out into the audience and surprised them by spraying them on their backs. It was so funny and comical and I must say that I loved every minute of it and I was grateful that I wasn’t sitting in their seats.

Limbs are dismembered and a head is cut off and all this is to music and singing and lots of blood. It was a crazy experience and it was a night filled with laughs. Starring were Ash: Ben Stobber, Jake: John Tomasello, Ed: Mathew Antonizick, Scott: Brian Roark, Annie/Shelley: Nicole Unger, Linda: Sarah Willick, Fake Shemp: Chris Fune.

With: Russell Slouffman, Jennie Carroll, Kolton Rostron, Mike Law, Rose Ringer, C. Joel Wood, Lisa Kanizar, Shawnn Morris-Slaughter.

The show runs Fridays at 10pm and Saturday at 11:30pm. Come and see the show and mingle with the cast members after the show.

Regina Lewis with cast members


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