Kato Kaelin

Photos by Nikki Artale

 Word of mouth is getting out that Kato Kaelin has a great comedy show at The Orleans in Big Al’s Comedy Club and the people are flocking to see him. It is a small and intimate show room and every seat is a perfect seat to see and hear Kato’s funny stories. Before the show started I spotted Kato and The Greg Wilson checking out the room and I was amazed to see that he hadn’t aged at all since I had seen him years ago. He was still the young, handsome man I had held in my memory of the past.
                                         The Greg Wilson & Kato Kaelin

Kato told his stories with ease and charm and I could tell how much he loved his audience and they too loved him. Our eyes followed him all over the stage and couldn’t get enough of his energy and smiles. He started off by saying “No, I’m not Joey Buttafucco, I’m Kato Kaelin” and the room roared with laughter. He also said that people would stop him at the airport and thank him for building beautiful homes for people, and he said “No, I’m not Ty Pennington, I’m Kato Kaelin.”. Yes, the one and only Kato Kaelin, the famous House guest of OJ & Nicole Simpson. The young boy that I remembered watching at OJ’s trial and how I was mesmerized by his handsome face, his smiling eyes and his boyish Dennis the Menace look and most of all, hiding his shyness with a grin. I love remembering that but better than that was meeting Kato in person and looking into that treasured face.

“It is a hidden treat coming to Big Al’s Comedy Club” says Kato, who shares the stage with the hilarious, funny and outrageous fellow comics, The Greg Wilson and Jeff Richards. Their stories and jokes were so funny that I felt that my sides would split with the constant laughter. Kato welcomes everyone to the show and then introduces each act and ends the show, so we get plenty of Kato.

                                        The Greg Wilson, Kato Kaelin, Jeff Richards
Kato handpicked Jeff Richards and The Greg Wilson because they are so talented and it makes his job easier working with them. He said he is honored to be with them. They blend well together and have a great connection. Jeff with his impersonations and sad sac look, The Greg Wilson with his wild crazy madhouse mouth and Kato is just being himself and is a natural on stage, performing with ease. A perfect trio that brings the house down with laughter in every performance and leaving the audience wanting more.   

Jeff Richards, comedian and impressionist, performs at the World Famous Comedy Store and has appeared on Saturday Night Live and MADtv. At Big Als Comedy he came on stage with his shirt tucked in his pants which were pulled up past his waist and his small anatomy was outlined, which was very funny. Then he proceeded to point out his small bulge in his pants and that was the start of a very funny skit which you have to see in person. That was the start of his routine and it was non stop laughter the entire time he was on stage.

What can I say about The Greg Wilson that can describe how hysterically funny he is with his impressions and wild antics on the stage? He kind of reminded me of John Belushi who also was a wild comic. Half of the time I didn’t understand what Gregg was saying but just watching him on stage was funny enough to keep laughing.
Kato Kaelin has been busy over the years as a radio talk show host, some modeling for Playgirl and occasionally can be found at Hugh Hefner’s Mansion. I asked Kato what his future goals are and he said he would love to be a game show host. I can see Kato as a game show host and hopefully Hollywood will keep him in mind for some future shows.

After the show the cast came out to take pictures, sign autographs and Kato signed his famous T-shirts “Kato Kaelin Crashed on My Couch” He can crash on my couch anytime. We all love you Kato Kaelin.

Visiting the show was Mickey Silver “The Hands of Las Vegas”. Mickey Silver is a slight of hand master

Las Vegas Film Fest 2011

Las Vegas Film Festival 2011

                                                      Vuola & Michael Madsen

Photos by Nikki Artale

The Las Vegas Film Festival held another successful event at the Hilton on July 15-17, 2011. People from all over the world came to view original film selections, documentaries, film shorts and foreign films. Panel discussions were featured each day with a screenwriter’s Panel, Producer’s Panel and the Filmmaker’s Panel.

A journey into the days of the mob was discussed by the legendary ex-mobster Henry Hill and wise guy Frank Cullotta, Meyer Lanksy 11 and Antonette Giancanna. There was an active discussion and question and answer period.

                                          Nikki Artale& Henry Hill

Opening night featured two films, “The Story” a ski documentary that takes a look at how people excel in the most extreme circumstances of life and how they push through to get to the other side of things. The next feature was a powerful film, “Oxy Moron”, winner of a Golden Ace Award. It is a true story of Johnny Hickey, who directed the film, and the drug addiction and violent crimes in his hometown, Charlestown, MA. It was his first time acting, producing and directing. The scenes are shocking and unbelievable for someone who has no concept of how it is to live in the drug addicted world. It is a sit on the edge of your seat film.

                                         Michael Kalil & Johnny Hickey

The winner of a Silver Ace Award went to “In the Woods”, directed by Vilma Zenelaj and her sister Greta Zenelaj, who won the best actress award for her role. This sister team founded Colored Films, an Albanian production company, and has won awards for two of their featured films so far. In the Woods was not shown at the festival but Greta & Vilma gave me a copy of the movie to view at home and I must say it was an excellent movie and Greta definitely deserved the best actress award she won for “In the Woods” in the New York International Independent Film Festival. They wrote the story and script about relationships. Sometimes you think you know a person, but you really don’t. I really loved the film and I am looking forward to more features from the Zenelaj sisters. Their parents are proud of them and are proud of their success and recognition. Part of their success is being together as sisters, because they can be brutally honest with each other. I was very impressed with their beauty, their kindness and the warmth that they showed whenever I saw them at the film festival. Greta and Vilma are working on projects for a TV series and I am looking forward to seeing their future shows.

                                                      Greta Zenelaj & Vilma Zenelaj
Our very own local star entertainer, Rick Faugno starred in the film “Virgin Alexander”. It is a story of a virgin who is in love with a prostitute and who is losing the house his grandfather gave him, to a foreclosure. It was a joy to see Rick in this movie and the dance in the end was priceless. Ricks acting deserved an award and we loved his part in the film.

50K in 5 Days, an award winning short film is the story of a group of young professional poker players who each pooled together $50.00 to create a bank so they could play poker on the internet. Their goal was to make $50,000 in 5 days. Bryan W. Shay produced & directed the film and it was a big accomplishment to win an award his first time out. The young men all had a close relationship with each other and they had fun working and playing poker together.

They reached their goal in one week. Jason Lee said that most of the time he lost but luckily the others won everyday. After seeing the film I suggested that they make a reality show out of their poker playing. Congratulations Bryan Shay on a great film and we will be anxiously waiting to see your next film.

                                                      2nd from left Bryan Shay
Get a Job is the story of Merton, a simpleton who is looking to get a job with the help of Willie K. In pursuing a career he is looking to getting back to his love of music.

                                                       Brian Kohne & Eric Gilliom

Brian Kohne, writer and director won the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival award for Best Comedy, won the Audience Choice Hawaiian Feature Award at the Big Island Film Festival and winner of the Golden Ace Award at the Las Vegas Film Festival. There are over 100,000 Hawaiian residents here in Las Vegas and they are excited with the Get a Job film being shown here at the Film Festival.

Eric Gilliom
Willie K

Michael Madsen was presented with the “Indie Icon “Award for his film Vice which was shown prior to Michael receiving the award. It was a touching moment to see Michaels sons come on stage to present him with the award. He was totally surprised and he had tears in his eyes as they all hugged on stage. Michael said “I’ll never forget this as long as I live” It was a moment of family love and everyone present felt it.

                                                      Michael Madsen and his sons
Madsen’s good friend, Ash Adams presented a video tribute to Michael and then hosted the question and answers that followed.

The video showed some of the films that Michael appeared in, such as the classic Reservoir Dogs, Donnie Brasco, Kill Bill and Sin City, to name a few of the 170 that he made. Ash Adams film “Once Fallen” won the Best Feature Award last year at the LV Film Fest. His entry this year is a short “Peter’s Hope”.

                                         Mickey Silver and Michael Madsen

After the Q &A I took Michael upstairs for a private interview and asked more questions about the film. He said he read the first five pages of Vice and understood it but hated the ending, but knew that something was there. He said he would do it but wanted to rewrite the ending and they agreed to it. He also said he wanted Darryl Hannah to play the part of the vice cop and to have black hair so she would be more believable. I didn’t realize it was Daryl until I saw her name on the credits at the end.

                                          Nikki Artale & Michael Madsen 

While we were doing the interview, Michael’s sons were being entertained by Mickey Silver, “The Hands of Las Vegas”. Mickey is a slight of hand expert and is known to have the fastest hands in the world.

The Madsen boys and Mickey Silver

                                         Mickey Silver "The Hands of Las Vegas"

Michael Madsen & sons watching Mickey Silver perform
The Artisan Hotel once again hosted a pool party for everyone and it was a chance to party and meet many producers, directors, screen writers and of course all the wonderful actors.

See you next year for another fabulous Film Fest.



Photos by Nikki Artale

Absinthe is one of the funniest shows on the strip and it is getting rave reviews from everyone. It is at Caesars Palace in the Roman Plaza in back of Serendipity3 and with beer gardens that are decorated with old time themes and d├ęcor. Off to the side is a green door entrance for VIP’s who can enter and relax in hammocks, plush lounge chairs. It is decorated with hanging crystal chandeliers and private sitting areas.

A plus is that the VIP’s enter the tent first and they get front row seats. At first it looks like a great deal but once the show starts the acts are practically on top of the first row patrons. It immediately seems very dangerous when the skating duo get on the small round stage and start spinning around that one feels like they are going to fly into the audience. It is very thrilling not knowing whether to duck or stay seated and definitely do not stand up. Luckily I was in the second row but I still had concerns. It was amazing how they performed such skill and speed on a small round stage in the center of the tent.

The star of the show is The Gazillionaire who is like a crazy, mad Wild Hatter who captures the audience as soon as he appears on stage. His assistant Penny is so outrageous and absolutely funny and my sides were splitting with laughter as she did her sock puppet routine, which is for an adult only audience. I am still laughing as I write this and think of her sock puppets. It is worth going back just to see Penny perform this again.

Many other strange and funny men were hanging around on side swings, and the tight rope walk was a hold your breath moment until the men were safe on their stands. It was thrilling to watch their perfect balance and skills on the rope.

Spiegelworld has given us this opportunity to enter their playground and become a child again in the wonderful world of a carnival circus that is put together brilliantly. The comedy is outrageous and for 90 minutes you will forget all your worries as you sit in this tent and watch in amazement how they all perform on such a small round center stage. I guarantee that you will still be smiling and laughing after leaving the show.


Show times are Tuesday through Saturday 8 pm & 10 pm, Wednesday & Sunday 8 pm, Dark on Mondays. I definitely will be back with many friends to see this wonderful show again and spend some time in the beer gardens after the show.

Center For Strategic Analysis
Mark your calendars for the one day seminar that will be held on Saturday September 24, 2011, by the Center for Strategic Analysis. Many top speakers, including Dr. John Alexander, former U.S. Army Colonel who has appeared on Fox News, NBC and Larry King Live. He will be discussing future conflicts from his books. The seminar will look at Terrorism and the death of Osama Bin Laden.

For tickets to this event go to the sponsors website or call Ted at 702 612-9254 or 702 281-2970