World Tea Expo 2011

World Tea Expo 2011

Photos by Nikki Artale

The World Tea Expo, the largest event for the tea industry, was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on June 24-26, 2011. It caters to the tea retailers, food services and other business professionals, giving them many educational sessions and tea tastings from around the world.

A Tea Infusion Challenge was held to find the best infusionist and it is all about the method used to steep the tea, technical skills and tea knowledge.

Tea tastings were held everyday in the North American Tea Championship Winners Tasting Circle on the exhibit hall floor. Also on display were pastries and tea biscuits’ to go along with the many samples of teas. Food demonstrations were held throughout the day.

A Russian teapot was on display and caught the eyes of many attendees as to its beauty and its function.

The seminar I looked forward to attending was on comparing the $20.00 a pound tea to the $200.00 a pound tea. It was an interesting morning as we tasted 9 different teas and gave each one a rating. Would you believe that I rated the $65.00 a pound tea higher than the $200.00 a pound tea.

I usually look for one new product in the Tea Expo and this year I found an outstanding, clever one. It is “The Finger Fork” by The Artful Penguin, LLC. The Finger Fork was created and designed by owner, artisan Sheryl Konnerth.

847 721-6995. Each piece is handcrafted with the finest stainless steel pieces, glass beads and natural stones. Each hand beaded piece is unique and original and I am a proud owner of the Finger Fork Set, thanks to Sheryl Konnerth.

I want to add that I am a tea drinker and I loved going to the Tea Expo and sampling all the wonderful teas.


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