Kato Kaelin

Photos by Nikki Artale

 Word of mouth is getting out that Kato Kaelin has a great comedy show at The Orleans in Big Al’s Comedy Club and the people are flocking to see him. It is a small and intimate show room and every seat is a perfect seat to see and hear Kato’s funny stories. Before the show started I spotted Kato and The Greg Wilson checking out the room and I was amazed to see that he hadn’t aged at all since I had seen him years ago. He was still the young, handsome man I had held in my memory of the past.
                                         The Greg Wilson & Kato Kaelin

Kato told his stories with ease and charm and I could tell how much he loved his audience and they too loved him. Our eyes followed him all over the stage and couldn’t get enough of his energy and smiles. He started off by saying “No, I’m not Joey Buttafucco, I’m Kato Kaelin” and the room roared with laughter. He also said that people would stop him at the airport and thank him for building beautiful homes for people, and he said “No, I’m not Ty Pennington, I’m Kato Kaelin.”. Yes, the one and only Kato Kaelin, the famous House guest of OJ & Nicole Simpson. The young boy that I remembered watching at OJ’s trial and how I was mesmerized by his handsome face, his smiling eyes and his boyish Dennis the Menace look and most of all, hiding his shyness with a grin. I love remembering that but better than that was meeting Kato in person and looking into that treasured face.

“It is a hidden treat coming to Big Al’s Comedy Club” says Kato, who shares the stage with the hilarious, funny and outrageous fellow comics, The Greg Wilson and Jeff Richards. Their stories and jokes were so funny that I felt that my sides would split with the constant laughter. Kato welcomes everyone to the show and then introduces each act and ends the show, so we get plenty of Kato.

                                        The Greg Wilson, Kato Kaelin, Jeff Richards
Kato handpicked Jeff Richards and The Greg Wilson because they are so talented and it makes his job easier working with them. He said he is honored to be with them. They blend well together and have a great connection. Jeff with his impersonations and sad sac look, The Greg Wilson with his wild crazy madhouse mouth and Kato is just being himself and is a natural on stage, performing with ease. A perfect trio that brings the house down with laughter in every performance and leaving the audience wanting more.   

Jeff Richards, comedian and impressionist, performs at the World Famous Comedy Store and has appeared on Saturday Night Live and MADtv. At Big Als Comedy he came on stage with his shirt tucked in his pants which were pulled up past his waist and his small anatomy was outlined, which was very funny. Then he proceeded to point out his small bulge in his pants and that was the start of a very funny skit which you have to see in person. That was the start of his routine and it was non stop laughter the entire time he was on stage.

What can I say about The Greg Wilson that can describe how hysterically funny he is with his impressions and wild antics on the stage? He kind of reminded me of John Belushi who also was a wild comic. Half of the time I didn’t understand what Gregg was saying but just watching him on stage was funny enough to keep laughing.
Kato Kaelin has been busy over the years as a radio talk show host, some modeling for Playgirl and occasionally can be found at Hugh Hefner’s Mansion. I asked Kato what his future goals are and he said he would love to be a game show host. I can see Kato as a game show host and hopefully Hollywood will keep him in mind for some future shows.

After the show the cast came out to take pictures, sign autographs and Kato signed his famous T-shirts “Kato Kaelin Crashed on My Couch” He can crash on my couch anytime. We all love you Kato Kaelin.

Visiting the show was Mickey Silver “The Hands of Las Vegas”. Mickey Silver is a slight of hand master


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