Dan Horowitz The Pillow Treatment

Dan Horowitz
                                                              The Pillow Treatment

                                                      Dan Horowitz & Bruce Merri
Photos by Nikki Artale

It is not often that I meet a man who makes an impression on me, but last week I met a gentleman that I was quite impressed with. He is Dan Horowitz who wrote a book called “The Pillow Treatment”, telling his life story about health, wealth, psychic encounters and how to please women sexually. It is a tell all book starting from his days in the 60’s as a swinger to his still full healthy active life style.

Dan has traveled all over the world with his sons Randy and Ronnie and on one fishing trip to Mexico he landed a huge fish. He caught it at 12:00 noon and finally brought it in 12 hours later and he proudly has it mounted in his great room.

                                                      Dan Horowitz

Dan believes in reincarnation. He had heard about a doctor from UCLA medical school who had regressed people back in time. Dan went to see him and while under hypnosis he had memories, as a nine year old boy, of being in the town of Lindos, on the Isle of Rhodes in the 18th century. He saw his Greek mother was his sister Leona. He could actually smell the ocean and feel the sea breeze. When he finally did visit Lindos, everything matched perfectly as he had seen it in his regression. Dan believes that we reincarnate to become wise and to learn how to be happy and live life to the fullest. He also believes that women he has met in this lifetime have been in his life in the past.

A positive look on life and attitude is important to Dan as he wakes up every day and looks forward to the day that he knows will be a happy day for him. He wrote the book “The Pillow Treatment” because he has been happy his whole life and he wants to teach the world to be happy too. His day starts off with stretches, a shower and breakfast which include 30 vitamins and minerals. He exercises 2 hours a day and is in better health than men half his age.

His other form of exercise is in his beautiful pool in a backyard paradise that borders a golf course in the back of his property and a private putting green. He also takes the time to go out to lunch a few times a week with his friends.When he finally comes home he is greeted by his dog Buddy who is happy to see him home.

It took 18 months for Dan to write his book and it is filled with a lifetime of fun that paints a picture of his colorful life that includes his many business ventures that made him a millionaire. He enjoys the Rolls Royce and Jaguar that is parked in his garage and the spacious palatial home that he lives in.

Dan is in his office in the morning, staying in contact with his friends and Bruce Merrin, President and owner of Celebrity Speakers Entertainment and Bruce Merrin Public Relations. Bruce has been in business for 38 years and has booked many famous superstars, entertainers and best selling Authors. Bruce is representing Dan and he recently booked Dan on the Playboy Sirius Radio Show where he talked about “The Pillow Treatment”

A lot of toys are present in his great room, three TV sets, game and pinball machines and high up on the ceiling is a miniature train that rides on a tract through the rooms. Dan enjoys all the pleasures of life and he describes it all in his book which is a must read.

One of the many pictures that are hanging in his home show parts of his life such as the Laughing Jackalope that he owned on the strip. He made up a story about the Jackalope, that if you see it you will have luck the rest of your life. He goes into more detail about it in his book, so you will have to read the book to get the whole story.

Dan said he thinks women are now more outgoing about talking about sex than they were years ago and he would know from all the experiences he has had with many women. He is enjoying the people he is meeting and he is having a lot of fun and looking forward to all the new things he will be involved in, having written this book. Dan shared that he has a beautiful girlfriend named Gina who he describes as beautiful, sweet, loving and caring and she is the only woman in his life now. That is so nice to hear him say this about his girlfriend and especially that he no longer goes out with other women as she is the one for him.

As I said before, I really enjoyed meeting Dan and interviewing him. He is a gentle, loving soul who is the picture of happiness and love. He has touched the hearts and lives of the people around him. Read his life story in The Pillow Treatment and add the technique in your life and experience happiness.

                                         Nikki Artale, Dan Horowitz


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