Connie Stevens

Connie Stevens

Photos by Nikki Artale

Connie Stevens delighted the audience at the Starlite Theatre inside the Riviera Hotel & Casino last month, with her special guest John Byner. Connie’s daughter Tricia Leigh Fisher was one of the background singers along with Jessica Williams and Ray Ray Irwin.

We all had the opportunity to meet with Connie Stevens at a pre-show reception and spent a lot of time talking with Connie as she graciously posed for pictures and signed autographs. Mickey Silver, “The Hands of Las Vegas” was one of the local entertainers who attended the show, along with many others.

                                         Ray Ray, Connie, John Byner, Cadillac Jack

                                          Connie Stevens, Mickey Silver

Her beauty was astounding as was her lovely personality. Her beauty can be attributed to her personal line of beauty products “Forever Spring”. Over 3 million women across the country use her products which include skin care, hair care and makeup. I have some of her products and I will be using them.

                                         Nikki Artale & Connie Stevens

John Byner was a big hit on the show as he told a lot of funny stories that was reminiscent of his days on shows like The Ed Sullivan Show, Johnny Carson and Carol Burnett. He still has his lovable ways about him.

                                                       John Byner

Connie’s daughter Trisha Leigh Fisher performed a country song from her album with her husband Byron Thames and you could see the pride in Connie’s eyes. Byron is part of the band and it is a family affair with everyone on stage together.

A special part of the show was when Connie Stevens showed a video of her days entertaining the troops that included the Vietnam War to the Persian Gulf War. As she viewed the video and sang a dedication song, I had a lump in my throat from pride that I am an American.

It was very special to me because my Granddaughter Michele Owens joined the Air Force and is in boot camp as I write this and I am so proud of her.

                                                    Michele Owens

My son Pete Artale served 21 years in the Air Force and I am proud of him too.

                                         Pete Artale

Some memorable moments of the time spent with the servicemen on the tours with Bob Hope.

It was a great show and Connie Stevens and everyone on stage showed their deep appreciation for the reception that they received from the audience.


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