Cowboys 4 Angels Sweepstakes

Cowboys 4 Angels Sweepstakes
Cowboys 4 Angels Sweepstakes

It all began four years ago when Garren James, a former international male model, appeared on the Tyra Banks show and talked about his male escort agency Cowboys 4 Angels. He also appeared on the Dr. Phil Show and 20/20 to further discuss the male escorts. Garren had the idea of starting a service for women who wanted the undivided and genuine attention of a man that would provide companionship and be attentive and charming. At the time he had been dating a girl who had a woman’s agency for men and he thought it would be great to have a male escort service for women to go to. Garren James has offices in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Dallas and serves as the creative consultant for the Gigolo’s, a T.V. Reality show on SHO.

                           Garren James

One lucky lady is going to fulfill her fantasy by having a 24 hour appointment with a Gigolo of her choice, in a 5 Star Hotel, a flight to Las Vegas and $500.00 spending money. The sweepstake is valued at $5,000.00 and it is open to all women over the age of 21 living in the U.S. The Gigolo’s participating is Ash Armand, Vin Armani, Brace and Nick Hawk. The Sweepstake is from 8/29/12 to 12/31/12

Season three brings a new Gigolo to the show that is absolutely gorgeous with his long beautiful hair and the top requested guy in Miami. Ash Armand is an international model that has traveled all over the world and has a love and admiration for women. When asked about his skills he said he thinks that he is good and wants to give women a lasting memory. After watching one of his episodes I can say that he is a great new addition to the Gigolos.

              Ash Armand
Nick Hawks has been a Gigolo since 2009 and he has stated many times that he is proud to be a Gigolo. Nick is one of the top requested guys and he keeps himself in shape by working out six times a week. His confidence makes him a very sexy guy and he has a great sense of humor when he is around the other cast members.

               Nick Hawk

Brace is one of my favorite Gigolos on the show. I met Brace at an event at Sapphires Club in Las Vegas and I found him to be so handsome, charming and very humorous. Need I say that the women were flocking all around him. I loved the last episode where he dressed up as a drag queen, as requested by one of his clients. He actually looked good and was a good sport about it. Brace is into fitness, yoga and meditation and looks the picture of health with his tan and beautiful piercing blue eyes.


Vin Armani has a great personality and gives 100% of himself to women. His sense of humor and his laughter is contagious and he immediately creates safety in any situation. Vin actually does find humor in everyday life and he is always smiling and laughing and women instantly love him. You can tell that Vin adores women and wants to please them and he knows how to do that.

  Vin Armani

Garren James personally interviews all the men and looks for someone who is well groomed and fit, attractive, educated, charming and most important, have a genuine respect and love for women. Garren said he is having the Cowboys 4 Angels Sweepstakes as a thank you to everyone who has supported them. The Gigolos are in their third season on SHO, Thursdays at 11:00 p.m. and it is a hit show.

To enter go to:

You may be the one lucky lady to win a date with one of the participants, Ash Armand, Vin Armani, Brace or Nick Hawk.


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