Las Vegas Comic Expo

Las Vegas Comic Expo

Photos by Nikki Artale

On October 29-90, 2012 the first Las Vegas Comic Expo was held at the Riviera Hotel. The two day extravaganza had more than 40 of the top names in comic books, panel discussions, and exhibitors. The halls were jammed packed with enthusiasts, fans and lots of families. There were gaming areas and so many people dressed up in various costumes.

Charles Lee was the organizer for the Las Vegas Comic Expo and he said it was a long time coming to bring the Comic Expo here to Las Vegas. Super hero movies have grossed over $1 billion gross ticket sales and that is a big business.

T.V. Series “The Walking Dead” is also making it big along with other T.V. shows and their revenue has grown right along with the super action figures in this pop culture.

It was exciting to walk down Artists Alley and watch many of the artists sketch their characters for smiling, wide eyed children and the adults.

Sick Liquid had a new comic book and the artist was promoting his book on his on the road travel with the Comic Expo.

One of my favorite artists was Jay Savage and maybe it was because he had a picture of Johnny Depp, who I admire and is one of my favorite movie stars.

Jay Savage

Mark Alfrey caught the attention of many with his pop culture and fantasy figures. Mark has provided special effects make-up for such movies as “Men in Black” and “Planet of the Apes”.

There was a lot of buying, selling and trading the entire two days of the Expo.

Shawn Lane of Cheyenne Marketing handled the press releases, the pr and the marketing of the event and she did a spectacular job in marketing the Las Vegas Comic Expo to the public.

As the day ended, so did the energy of a fun filled day for this young boy.

See you next year at the Comic Expo.


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