Vegas Bash 2012

                                                                 Vegas Bash 2012

Niki Congero, Michelle Noonan, Yau Man

Photos by Nikki Artale

Once again Las Vegas welcomed the Reality stars of Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Survivor, MTV, Paradise Hotel, Expedition Impossible, the Glass House, the Apprentice and Flip Off. A meet and greet took place at The Plaza Hotel downtown Las Vegas on September 21 and on September 22, a Red Carpet at the Revolution Lounge took place in the Mirage Hotel, followed by a gala party. Niki Congero did a great job in putting together another fabulous Las Vegas Reality Bash.

Sheila Kennedy, Howie Gordon, JoJo Spatafora,  Michael Ellis

Ian Terry, this year’s winner of Big Brother 14 thrilled the fans by his attendance at all the events and taking the time to talk to everyone. Two of his young fans had special shirts made by their father, Rick Jones, for the celebration.

Breauana Jones, Alex Jones

Ian shared his experience in the Big Brother house and told me that he has been watching the Big Brother show since he was 10 years old. This made him an expert in the art of playing the Big Brother game. He said he would be paying off his school loans and will continue in College for another year to get his degree. His personality was the same as on the show and I found him to be sincere and sweet.

Ian Terry,  Nikki Artale

The fans favorites can always be counted on to come to the Vegas Bash and party with them and update us on their appearances and T.V. shows and commercials.

Sheila Kennedy,  Louie Stravato

Sheila Kennedy, Nikki Artale

Michelle Costa,  Adam Poch

Zach Swerdzewski and Eric Stein of Season 8 played Beer Pong and Eric was the winner.

Sorry Zach……….maybe next year you will win.

Eric Stein , Zach Swerdzewski

Live at the Studio had a live stream filming the events and interviewing the stars.

Shawn Hantz, Vicky Quagliata,  Lawon

Two of the cast members of The Glass House fit right into the Vegas Bash Party.

Jeffrey Marx , Alex Stein

Revolution Lounge was the place to be in The Mirage for a special party with all the Reality Stars. After walking the Red Carpet the private party started inside.

Missy, Cowboy, Ian, Michelle Noonan

Louie Stravato, Jim Vaglica of Expedition Impossible

Francesca, Howie Gordon,  JoJo Spatafora

Shawn Hantz, Cowboy,  Russell Hantz

Angelique Morgan

Missy kept the Red Carpet moving smoothly as she ushered the stars through the line. Her smile is contagious and everyone loves Missy.

Missy, Ian

And so ended another Big Brother and we once again wait for the next season and another Vegas Bash in Las Vegas.


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