Silverton Hotel

Silverton Hotel Poker & Bingo Nights
It was a night out at the Silverton Hotel Casino for the media to enjoy playing video poker and Blingo Bingo. Laura Herlovich of PR Plus invited the media to two nights of gambling, food, candy and drinks. I arrived early and had my pick of a video poker machine and I picked number 13 thinking that would be lucky, but number two was the lucky winning poker machine that night.

As I was leaving I saw the Paradise Fishing slot machine and I had to play it and guess what? I hooked a $100.00 fish so I did end up being a winner for the night. I walked out with $100.00.

The next week I went to the Blingo Bingo and it was a nice event.

I did not win but I sat at a table where everyone won two and three times. Carol and her husband won the big prize of $200.00, a cuple of $25.00 prizes and a diamond necklace. Now that is being real lucky. We were all happy for them.


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