Pure Spanish Horse Show

Pure Spanish Horse Show

Photos by Nikki Artale
On Aug. 30-Sept.3rd at the South Point Hotel and Casino Equestrian Event Center, Las Vegas, once again welcomed the Pure Spanish Championship Horse Show to the Equestrian Arena. The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse invited the public to an all new production of The Horse of the Kings Theater which was spectacular. These Andalusians are called the Pura Raza Espanole in Spain are magnificent and have long been loved by royalty and called “Horse of Kings”.

The media was invited to a special night to see the horses and meet Richard Nickerson, President of the Foundation, Cameron English, VP and Chairman of the Show and Barb Clark, Executive Director. They all did a splendid job in putting together the show and were such welcoming, gracious hosts. Their love and dedication to the Pure Spanish Horse is commendable.

                                                       Richard Nickerson

                                          Cameron English & Barb Clark
Mexican Heritage Night featured El Puma de Sinaloa Concierto y Baile with La Sonora de Colombia and the Banda Zacaterana who entertained the crowd with their music.

Rafael Madrigal was so entertaining, charming and talented in his singing and in his handling of the four horses he rode from the Ranch of Alfreda Zepeda. Too bad I didn’t understand what he was saying but I loved every minute of it. I was sitting at an arena table and he called me over and asked if I spoke Spanish and I said no and then Rafael handed me the microphone and I asked him if he wanted me to sing, but he only wanted me to hold the live microphone so he could mount his horse again. It was a funny moment that I wanted to share with you.

                                         Rafael Madrigal

The National Anthem was sung by Schatar Sapphira who was brought into the arena by a carriage and she officially opened the show.

Lisa Alley-Zarkades skillfully did the Flamenco Dance with the horses and was one of the high lights of the evening.

The Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, that stars in the Excaliber Hotel was also a part of the show with their incredible stallions and everyone loved them.

There were daily exhibitions, educational clinics, an Art Expo, a silent Auction and many vendors. One exceptional vendor had authentic dresses from Spain that were beautiful and eye catching.

Cameron English, Director and Chairman had a thought about doing a theatrical production and Gary Ware wrote and partnered up with Cameron to produce this great show. They received a standing ovation at the end of the show.
                                        Gary Ware & Cameron English

Also to be commended is Bruce Merrin who did a great job as the PR on this event.

 Bruce Merrin with his parents Lee Merrin & David Merrin
The Spanish Horse demonstrates the nobility and grace and performs anything he is asked to do. Their long, thick, flowing manes are breathtaking and beautiful and it is an instant love at first sight when you see them. There is a natural communication between the horse and the rider and a bond of trust is achieved as they learn their dance movements to obtain perfection. 


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