Linda Griner

Linda Griner
International Recording Star
                                                     Linda Griner

You may remember Linda Griner from her first album “The Many Faces of Lyn Roman” when she was signed by Columbia Records. Linda then went on to record for Dot Label and had 10 consecutive singles, albums and a movie soundtrack for the film “The Brotherhood” with Kirk Douglas. Linda traveled worldwide with many bands and appeared on many TV shows, working with Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope and Dean Martin. She was a close friend of Redd Foxx and did a lot of charity work with him.
                                                          Linda Griner

Smokey Robinson discovered Linda when she was singing at the Howard Theater in Washington DC. At the time Smokey Robinson was Berry Gordy’s right hand man and he was anxious to introduce him to Linda Griner. Berry was very impressed with her and Linda made her recording debut on Motown in 1963. She recorded as both Lyn Roman and Linda Griner at various times. Smokey Robinson wrote and produced “Goodbye Cruel Love” for Linda and it is now a classic.

Linda’s music is soulful and touches the heart, along with the great sound, beautiful lyrics and her beautiful stunning looks. I love listening to her music. She has a strong following in England and a lot of her music has been reissued by Kent Records and West Side. Her music is in the top five spot in London. Motor city Records is a British Record Label that records new material with former Motown Artists and in 1991 they released Linda’s Bitter End Album.

Lots of fans have been asking for Linda Griner to re-release her single “We Belong Together” which features the great Tom Scott, composer and musical director. Linda felt that the lyrics of “We Belong Together” needs to be heard around the world so it will remind people how important we all are to each other and to love one another and make a difference in each others lives. This long awaited single is number one in Las Vegas.

                                                         Tom Scott
Motown was the place to meet all the up and coming stars and Linda has remained friends with most of them and when they appear in Las Vegas, I go along with her to their shows and visit backstage.
                              Nikki Artale, Ruth Pointer, Linda Griner, Anita Pointer
Linda has her own music division on I tunes where you can purchase her music by going to

                                   Linda Griner singing National Anthem at Orleans Stadium

Linda Griner along with lots of other stars and celebrities lives here in Las Vegas and I am happy to call Linda my best friend. She is beautiful, loving and caring and can always be counted on, no matter what. That is what I call a true friend. I can’t wait to see her perform again so the world can see how beautiful and wonderful she is. Linda will make a difference in peoples lives with her wonderful music.


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