Tony Pace Achieving His Dreams

Tony Pace
Achieving His Dreams

Photos & Videos by Nikki Artale
After having toured the country and head lined in Atlantic City for awhile, Tony Pace is finally back in Las Vegas. Tony will be performing at The Clarion Hotel Casino on June 6 & 7, July 25 & 26, August 22 & 23 with his eight piece band. His shows were sorely missed and now Tony is back. He put on a fabulous 60 minute show last week end. It went by so fast and everyone did not want it to end.

A favorite of the crowd was the duet between Julio Iglesias and Willie Nelson singing “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before”. It was hilarious to watch him go back and forth with the hat, wig and hairpiece as he sang the duet. Tony is a non stop ball of energy as he shares over 30 impressions of the all time greats.

Tony’s other impressions were of Louis Armstrong singing “What a Wonderful World” with the famous white handkerchief, Johnny Mathis singing “Misty” and Rod Stewart jumping wildly across the stage. Tony had his moments when he sang Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole’s “Unforgettable” playing to the ladies and men in the audience. He found two bald headed men and as he gently caressed their heads, he brought laughter to the entire audience.,

Tony knows how to work a crowd and he’s mastered his technique to include the audience in his show, which at times are hysterically funny. Three men from the audience were brought up on stage to play instruments in one of the skits and Tony’s comedic timing was so perfect, it was hysterical to watch.

My favorite part of the show is when Tony Pace sings “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera, in his beautiful three octave tenor voice that touches every nerve in your body. I saw Phantom three times and I absolutely love the show so it is special to me when I hear Tony Pace sing his rendition.

What would a show be without Elvis entertaining the crowd and then introducing his son-in-law, Michael Jackson? It was a great performance and left everyone wanting more. These performances were just another display of Tony’s great talent.
We were in for a treat when Tony Pace introduced, as part of his show, Anthony Rais the magnificent puppeteer who has created many fabulous and spectacular animated marionettes, Malachi, Semone, Rigga Mortease and Totolino. Totolino is a boy clown whose movements are brought to life by the genius talent of Anthony Rais. I was fascinated and mesmerized as I watched Totolino move effortlessly as Anthony tugged on his strings.
                                       Tony Pace, Anthony Rais

The Tony Pace show is a feel good show to see over and over again as you watch his great talent and mastery of the stars. Tony is a joy to watch because you can see and feel how much he loves what he does. He is inspirational and he is living his dream.

                                                       Tony Pace


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