Jay White Is A Star

Jay White Is a Star

On April 9, 2011 the world premier of Beautiful Noise premiered at the Sarasota Film Festival in Florida. The Musical/Drama, starring our very own Jay White had a starring role in the movie. The movie is a tale of a young singer Danielle White as Dez who is searching for Noah, played by Jay White, so she can re-record his unreleased lost album. She hopes this will make her a big star. Noah at this time in his life is a reclusive old man living in the Myakka woods. As they spend time together, an unlikely romance occurs and a beautiful story unfolds.
There is music, lyrics and ballads and who better to sing them but Jay White who is known as the best Neil Diamond tribute artist in the world. He has an uncanny likeness to Neil Diamond and you can close your eyes and think you are hearing Neil Diamond. Jay has thrilled audiences for over 25 years in Las Vegas.

Kimber Cleveland is co-staring as Candy and will be making her feature film debut along with four featured singers all singing original songs. Jay White is singing a remake of the Joni Michell hit “Free Man in Paris”. Jay made his movie debut in the film Frost/Nixon.
                                                                  Kimber Cleveland

Steve Tatone is the Producer, Director and Screenwriter with Midnight Pass Productions in Sarasota Florida. Wendy Williams is Executive Producer. Steve reported sold out screening every night and the movie brought tears and smiles to everyone and the night ended with standing ovations.

Steve plans to immediately write a prequel “Serenade” and a sequel “Heart light” to the movie which will be filmed in the Bahamas later this year.

                                           Steve Tatone
Steve Tatone predicts it to be a sleeper hit with a soundtrack that moves people emotionally. I can see how that can happen because that is what happened nightly when Jay White did his Neil Diamond tribute show at the Riviera in Las Vegas. We all loved Jay’s show and we miss him and can’t wait to see him again. A special memory of Jay is when he gave me a rose during his show as he sang “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore” which is my favorite song.

                                             Jay White and Nikki Artale Video 1 Video 2

Jay White in addition to doing the movie has been performing all over the country with his band. They did 20 shows in 27 days performing his tribute act to sold out 1000 venue seats. Jay recently performed his new stage production “Coming to America” to sold out crowds in Palm Springs CA. In addition to the music of Neil Diamond, there are actors, a choir and video graphics. A Beautiful Noise Concert tour is planned this summer with 14 songs sung by the 4 singing leads in the film.

Hopefully this movie will be hitting the big screens in Las Vegas and we can all go to see our Jay White in his starring role. See you at the movies.


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