2 Of a Kind

2 Of a Kind

Rich Natole & Bethany Owen
Photos by Nikki Artale

2 Of a Kind impressionists, one male and one female who have mastered the world of impressions and mannerisms of famous people we know and love. I am talking about Rich Natole and Bethany Owen who for years have entertained us and made our hearts so very happy remembering the people they were portraying on the stage. The Italian American Club on East Sahara featured the two stars during the special dinner show on June 23, 2012.
Rich Natole

Bethany Owen opened the show as Marilyn Monroe and picked a Daddy from the audience to sing to. She looked and sang like Marilyn Monroe and placed a lot of kisses on Daddy’s face.

An authentic and real looking Joan Rivers appeared shortly and her voice and mannerism’s were spot on. It really looked like Joan Rivers on stage.

Bethany Owen is very believable in all her impressions and when she does Madonna, she brings out her comedic side. The costumes add humor to her impersonation of Madonna.

We were excited to have Bethany introduce many stars in the show and Tina Turner was an added plus as Bethany sang and danced.

A favorite was when Cher brought Sonny on stage and put a wig and a fur vest on him and they did a duet. Bethany has so much talent and her show is spectacular and entertaining.

Next on stage was Rich Natole who has a list of hundreds of famous popular stars that he impersonates. Everyone knows Jack Benny and no introductions were needed when Rich brought him on stage.

A comedic go around took place with the much loved Kermit the Frog with lots of props. It is amazing to see how he captures the voice and then be able to sound like the person. The locals love Rich Natole for his quick wit and fast moving comic impressions.

Some of the favorite impressions he does are of Johnny Carson, Jerry Seinfeld, and Don Rickels, to name a few of the celebrity voices. Rich is always smiling and laughing and will throw out an impression of anyone you ask him to. The show ended with a duet by Rich Natole and Bethany Owen, who had just ended her act with Judy Garland.


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