Vegas Birds

Vegas Birds


Debbie and Mark Obarka brought their talented birds to the Royal Casino in Las Vegas Nevada on June 17, 2012 for a family friendly bird show. They have been entertaining audiences, from theme parks, state fairs, corporate events and in Las Vegas Theaters. Millions have enjoyed their unique talents and interactions with the audiences.

Mark Obarka & Debbie Obarka

One of their stand out birds is Danny a Conure who appeared on “America’s Got Talent” and received a standing ovation from Piers Morgan and the audience. Danny imitated the sounds of a dog, a cat and a duck and was rewarded with pine nuts that Debbie so generously rewarded the birds as they performed.

We were amazed by the talented Roxanne, the Painting Parrot, who for over 20 years has created works of art and has her own website showing her many creations.

An audience member thought of something for Roxanne to paint and this is the original painting she painted for her.

Rusty, the red Macaw pretended to fall asleep as Mark Obarka showed his talent and skills.

The show was very informative as Debbie explained the history of the birds and about their personalities and how they acquired them. The Macaw is very smart and inquisitive and needs a lot of attention. They are not the greatest talkers and are very loud, but can easily learn tricks. Sunshine is a parrot that does a victory salute and walks on a rolling barrel, Jimmy the green parrot plays poker and basketball.

At the end of the show we all had the opportunity to take a picture with the bird of our choice and Sophie & Ari were thrilled to pose with the birds. The Macaw parrots are considered to be the most beautiful and charming and are very intelligent.

The Vegas Bird Show is amazing and a must see for bird lovers. To book your own private or corporate party call 702 966-9770 or email


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