Jay White 2012

Jay White

Photos by Nikki Artale

Jay White returned to Las Vegas last week to perform at the Suncoast Hotel with his band “Coming to America”. Jay White delivers with great pride and emotions the music that has been inspired by Neil Diamond. Jay has performed in 4 Star Hotels and theaters nationwide and has a huge fan base. It was an exciting two days to once again experience the world of our very own talented Diamond, Jay White.

Jay came to Las Vegas in 1990 and was with Legends in Concert at the Imperial Palace for nine years, performing in over 5000 shows, corporate events and private parties. With each performance he perfected the voice and mannerisms of Neil Diamond and went on to headline at the Riviera for eight years. I first saw Jay at the Riviera and I was blown away by his perfect look and performance.

His son Neil White plays bass and his daughter Stephanie sometimes joins the show and sings with Jay. It is an emotional experience for Jay to share the stage with his talented children.

Neil White

Not only is Jay an amazing and exciting performer, he has appeared in several movies. He played Neil Diamond in the Ron Howard film “Frost/Nixon” and played the lead role of Bobby Drake in “Beautiful Noise”. Jay is now working with Adam Steck at SPI entertainment in Las Vegas.

Jacket owned & worn by Neil Diamond

Jay’s songs captivate the audience as he encourages audience participation in sing a long to “Sweet Caroline” and “Song Sung Blue”. I must say that my favorite song is “Coming to America” and I feel a tug in my heart and have memories of my grandparents who came from Greece to America through Ellis Island years ago. Jay shared an awesome experience on June 30 when along with a Utah choir and string section; he played a two hour concert to a crowd of 20,000 people, with fireworks and America finale. We are proud to be an American.

The show ended with a standing ovation and a lot of people coming to the stage for handshakes. Jay took the time to meet and greet everyone after the show. We will be looking forward to welcoming back Jay White after his touring engagements. He will be our Diamond forever.

Nikki Artale, Jay White & Judi Rock


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