The Mind Game is a Winner at The Preview Party

Photos by Nikki Artale

The Mind Game was written by Emily Hastings and co-written by Glenn M Student and Mary Shelton as a short story but it very well could have been a feature length film. It was an exciting, sit on the edge of your seat story, and it could have gone on and on. The Mind Game was suspenseful and the acting of the featured stars was excellent.

Cast members were David Mingrino, Ashley Atwood, Stephanie Czajkowski and Mykayla Sohn. The cast was very convincing and perfect in each of their roles. Detective Katherine Bright, played by Stephanie Czajkowski showed a tender side as a mother and a forceful law officer when she finds her daughter is kidnapped. David Mingrino is the psycho kidnapper who battles Katherine in this dark and intense film. Mary the babysitter is played by Ashley Atwood and sweet lovable Amy is played by Mykayla Sohn, who is so believable in this role.
Scot Diel     Emily Hastings  Glenn Student
Cast signing autographs

Wise Rabbit Films teamed up with Emerald Motion Pictures in producing this film that was co-directed by Emily Hastings and Scott Diel. This thriller is sure to win many awards in the upcoming film festivals around the country.

Glenn Student has won other awards for films he made in the 48 Hour Film Projects and the films were shown at the beginning of the event that previewed The Mind Game. Glenn won the Bronze People’s Telly Award for the film A Doll Named Charlotte.


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