Sister Wives Get Psychic Advice from Mystic Mona
Photos by Nikki Artale

Mystic Mon held a private screening party at T-Bones at the Red Rock Hotel Casino in Las Vegas to view her T.V. Debut of the Reality Show, the Sister Wives in last week’s episode. TLC showed the episode of the graduation party that was held for Aspyn, daughter of Christine and Kody Brown and Mariah, daughter of Meri and Kody Brown. 
Aspyn and Mariah Brown
Aspyn Brown

Mystic Mona read some of the children at the party and she told Mariah not to second guess herself. She said that the person she will be in a relationship will be bossy like her father. When Kody was told that he responded with “She said that”. I thought that was kind of funny.
Aspyn with Mystic Mona

Kody Brown had another surprise in store for him when Mystic Mona saw a fifth wife in his cards and it is someone he knows and is interested in. It didn’t seem as if Kody was open to bringing in another wife and the sister wives were quiet about it expect for Robyn who thought it was okay. Meri was a little skeptical about the readings but did admit she enjoyed them and Christine said Mystic Mona was Legit.
Kodi and Christine Brown

Mona Van Joseph aka Mystic Mona is a professional psychic holds a Psychic Arts License and hosts the Psychic View Radio every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. Call in number is 347 850-1494.  Many people who have had readings from her say she is insightful and very accurate in her readings with the Tarot, palmistry, tea leaf readings and handwriting analysis. They call her their Angel.
Mystic Mona

Many friends, family and VIP’s attended the private screening party to celebrate Mystic Mona’s debut on the T.V. show.


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