Fish Circus

Fish Circus

Photos by Nikki Artale

Fish Circus is an outlandish band that features Penny Pibbets, who is the star performer at the Absinthe show at Caesars Palace. I first saw Penny in the Absinthe and I was looking forward to see her perform with her band “Fish Circus” at the Bikini Bar in Las Vegas. I had seen the show Absinthe a few times and after seeing Penny Pibbets in the show, I knew that her performance in Fish Circus would be fabulous.

Penny Pibbets

The night started out at 10:00 pm as I watched Penny being transformed as her make up was being masterly applied by artist Robin Slonina. Robin opened up her downtown shop in 2006 and she has a crew of painters and makeup artists that create the living art. Robin painted a fabulous clown face on Penny.

Penny and Robin

Other members of the hit show Absinthe were hanging around the Bikini Bar and created their own show with the customers. Angel Porrino played a mean game of pool and attracted quite a crowd as she does in the Absinthe show where she does a routine in a bubble balloon. Angel is also featured in “The Peep Show” with Holly Madison.

Angel Porrino

Also on hand was trapeze artists Genevieve and Max.

Max and his partner Garret were outrageously dressed to the hilt with dramatic makeup and great wigs. They looked right at home as they mixed in with the crowd.

Garrett, Penny & Max

The show reminded me of a traveling gypsy carnival with an anything goes format. One of their props is a wheel marked with various things to do and the spinner determines what happens when the wheel stops at that spot. This fully engages the wild crowd. We anxiously awaited someone to spin and have it land on the spot to strip. It did and John Michael, the trombone player happily stripped down to his lady bikini.

The band played their own thing and Penny sang and danced wildly across the stage and somehow it all magical came together creating a wild madness in the crowd. It was intriguing and so very entertaining. Penny was a non stop ball of energy.

At one point a few of the women in the crowd went on stage to dance with the band. If the stage was big enough I think that half of the room would have jumped on the stage too. The show was over two hours and shortly after midnight I left being fully entertained and knowing that I would go back again to see the Fish Circus and Penny Pibbets.

Promoter Maggie Leon brought the Fish Circus back to the Bikini Bar, by popular demand and they received a huge welcome from everyone.

Penny Pibbets & Maggie Leon


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