Vegas CineFest International Film Festival at the Palms
Las Vegas a Winner

Photos by Nikki Artale

Vegas Cine Fest held its 4th annual International Film Fest from October 3rd –October 6th at the Palms Casino Resort. 140 films were shown from around the world and were once again hosted by the Festival founders, Philip and Maria Marcus. Philip states that Vegas Cine Fest as the premier International Film Fest in Las Vegas.

Many panels were held throughout the Film Fest that helped to educate writers, producers and independent filmmakers. Many award winning films from other film festivals were shown.

Richard Rush was honored with the “Lifetime Achievement in Filmmaking Award” and his movie “The Stuntman” was the featured film for the evening. The film stared Peter O’Toole, Barbara Hersey and Steve Railsback and it was nominated for three Academy Awards for Best Actor (O’Toole), Best Director (Rush) and Best Writing .

Richard Rush, Philip Marcus
Winners in the top categories were:

Best Feature Film: Dreams Awake

Best Featurette: Masque

Best Documentary: Play Dead by Penn Teller

Audience Choice Award: USS SeaViper

Elizabeth Smart spoke at the awards ceremony about “Rad Kids”, a personal empowerment group that educates children to stay safe and respond to potential dangers. Elizabeth said the Rad Kids program would have helped her years ago when she was taken from her bedroom. She said she did what she was told by her abductor and didn’t know that she didn’t have to listen to him. Elizabeth has matured to a beautiful young lady and it was a joy to speak with her and her father Ed Smart.

Elizabeth Smart

Maria & Philip Marcus, Elizabeth Smart, Ed Smart

Helicopter Rounds entertained us with their original music that was written and produced by them. The rock group consists of four doctors that are committed to healing and their music as seen through their eyes of the healing professionals. Helicopter Rounds won a Best Music Video for Hardest Day.

Helicopter Rounds


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