Fun Times at Halloween Events

Haunted House Asylum at Freemont St. Experience

Cosmopolitan Connections at Via Brasil Steakhouse

Bikram Yoga Hosted Halloween Costume Party

                                    Experience a Haunted Evening in the Asylum

Photos by Nikki Artale

It was a frightening night wandering through the Haunted House Asylum at the Freemont St. Experience a few weeks ago. I had been in many haunted houses before, but this house was really very dark and scary.

It was a scream fest from the moment we entered the house and encountered one ghoul after another. I have good eyesight but I couldn’t see anything as I slowly moved forward through the halls, until some lights flashed on and I saw the zombies.

Somehow I found myself in front of my group of three people and I don’t know how I got to be first, they must have pushed me in front of them, and I had no one to hold on to.

Sam Karabinis

The Oktober Fright Fest tour was a chance to get your scream on in the Haunted House Asylum and let go of any fears you might have about ghosts, ghouls and zombies.

Cosmopolitan Connections Hosted a Halloween Party

Yvette Brown, Eric Auger

Yvette Brown founder of Cosmopolitan Connections hosted a Halloween Party at Via Brasil Steakhouse and invited many of her fans to come and party. The room was filled with party goers who were dressed in spectacular costumes.

Won Best Costume

XIS, Yvette Brown

Yvette can always be counted on to put together fabulous events all over the Las Vegas Valley. Our very own leader, Joe Buda Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Informer came and danced the night away. It is always a joy to see Joe Buda with his smiling face and loving heart for everyone.

Joe Buda

The events are always covered by photographer Roger Bennett who always captures the moments to remember.

Roger Bennett

What would Halloween by like without a clown and a dancing beauty.

Laura Davidson
Thank you Yvette for a great party and we look forward to all your upcoming events.

            Bikram Yoga Summerlin Food and Fun

I really enjoyed going to the Halloween party at Bikram Yoga Summerlin where I met many healthy and fit people, thanks to their yoga training and discipline. Stephanie Dixon is the owner, teacher and Executive Director of Bikram Yoga Summerlin with a large following of students.

Vladimir Lacas, Stephanie Dixon

The costumes were colorful and original and the home made food was fantastic and put together with love.

Stephanie, Vladimir, Paul, Victoria and John Alexander

Stephanie announced the Nevada Regional Yoga Asana Championship that will be held on December 8 at 1:00 p.m. at the Clark County Library. Many of her students will be in the competition.

Ashley, Jenn, Alexis, Anthony, Paul and Vladimir in front.

Vladimir Lacas started his yoga training 2 ½ years ago when he received a one year membership as a gift, although his mother, Victoria Alexander was a big influence because she did yoga before he was born. Vladimir won 2nd place last year in the men’s competition in Reno at the Nevada Regional Yoga Asana Championship.

Vladimir Lacas

Paul, Jenn and Vladimir

Bikram Choudhury is an Indian yoga guru and the founder of Bikram Yoga, created the 26 posture series which is done in 105 degree heat and is known as hot yoga. Bikram started at the young age of three to learn the Hatha Yoga poses.

Bikram Choudhury


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