Leg Warmers Also Warmed Our Hearts

Legwarmers Also Warmed Our Hearts

Photos by Nikki Artale

There is never a dull moment in the fabulous story of The Legwarmers, now playing in the V Theater at Planet Hollywood. Sirc Michaels, who produced, directed and wrote Legwarmers, has once again brought Las Vegas another big hit. A VIP Media event was held on Wednesday, November 28 with a catered event and Karaoke party and everyone dressed up in their best 80’s theme. 

John Tamasello was first introduced to the media event as he rounded up the Karaoke participants in the media crowd and tossed jelly bracelets and pop rocks.
John Tamasello

Legwarmers have a perfect cast and they are energetic, playful and stay in character with each other for the entire performance.
Evan Schmalz and Sarah Willick

Several audience members were brought on stage and they were funny and entertaining and we especially enjoyed seeing Joe Buda, editor of my publication “Las Vegas Informer”. 

“Whip It”, I Want You To Want Me” and “Video Killed the Radio Star” were all favorites and the outfits, hair bands, suspenders and video screens in the background all added to the 80’s theme.
Russell Slouffman
Russell Slouffman and Stephanie Killian

Legwarmers is worth the trip to the V Theater to see and while you are there, check out Sirc Michaels other show “Evil Dead the Musical” which is getting rave reviews


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