World Tea Expo 2010

The World Tea Expo was held June 11-13 at the Convention Center in Las Vegas NV and had over 200 companies exhibiting their specialty teas, tea wares, books and specialty items. Over 6,000 people shopped the show floor and attended great educational seminars. An explosive growth has been predicted for the specialty tea in North America which is a good indicator for the economic growth. Many new displayers were there to market and sell their products and services. The new exhibitors were from U.S., China, Canada, Germany, Spain, Sri Lanka and Australia. I was very impressed with the beautiful china pieces through out the convention floor.
To go along with the tea displays were many pastry booths and cases of chocolate candy.

It smelled heavenly with all the many assortments of exotic tea bins and brewed teas and all the samples that were just waiting to be tasted.

I loved all the teas and one of my favorites was the Tisano Cacao Tea. Their tea is a chocolate loose leaf herbal tea which promotes a healthy heart and immune system. It is the first 100% pure cocoa based chocolate herbal tea. Cacao has zero fat or calories and less caffeine than green tea or decaf coffee. It is a wonderful refreshing beverage and I went back to sample a second cup. I love this Cacao Tea.

                                                                    Jamie Walker
Chef Robert Wemischner did a live cooking segment and cooked a few dishes, one of which was a delicious salmon dinner. Chef Robert wrote the books The Dessert Architect, Cooking with Tea, Gourmet to Go and The Vivid Flavors Cookbook. He signed his books after the show for his happy fans.

                                                             Chef Rfobert Wemischner

Recognized for the best new product was Tea Squeeze by Squeezmo. It is a US FDA-grade silicone, dishwasher safe that eliminates tea bag drips and comes in an array of vibrant colors. James M. Kerner, President/CEO and his wife Sheryl are very proud of their new item that is needed when served with a cup of tea. I received one as a sample and I use it everyday and I am thrilled that I have a Tea Squeeze. For more information on the product, call 530 345-8000.

Can you take a few minutes to love yourself every day? Certified tea specialist Dharlene Marie Fahl, guides you on an inner journey of self-discovery through the simple practice of sipping tea. Dharlene has announced the release of her new revised book “Sereni-Tea: Sipping Self Success”. It is a book of prayers, poems and affirmations which will bring you inner peace and self love. Books can be ordered on Amazon.
                                                                Dharlene Marie Fahl
The next World Tea Expo will be June 24-26, 2011.


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