Gary Spivey

Gary Spivey

                                                        Nikki Artale & Gary Spivey

On June 26-27, 2010 I spent a weekend at a spiritual retreat with Gary Spivey at the Tahiti Village in Las Vegas and it was an enlightening experience. The seminar was a sold out event for the two days. Many of the people there were devout followers who believe in Gary Spivey and were there to get in touch with their spirituality.

Gary Spivey
It is the quest for spiritual knowledge that brings people here. During the guided meditations you can get in touch with your angels and you may see and hear them. Many share their profound experiences with Gary and he spends a lot of time with them.

Gary Spivey & Dean Hymel, Manager
Gary is known as America’s favorite psychic and he has helped many people with his medical intuitive readings as he describes what is happening in their bodies. Testimonial letters he receives could fill an entire book.

I asked Gary what was the most rewarding thing and he said it was helping kids. He has come across so many spiritually gifted kids who have the infinite wisdom of God. Gary could identify with them because he was very young when he became aware of the gift he had of being spiritually connected. He said when you are connected you know what to do. Gary is a gentle giant in the psychic world.

Gary holds seminars in his home in Star, North Carolina. The Star Hotel Bed and Breakfast is located at 118 N. Main Street. It is known as the Little Ritz Carlton. The rooms have been beautifully renovated and there is a magnificent rose garden in the backyard.

Gary Spivey and Dean Hymel have written a book “Your Keys to Heaven” which is like a bible to many. Some of the chapters cover how to manifest your dreams and desires, how to find your soul mate, remove blocks from your life, improve your relationships, get rid of the demons in your life and I like this one the most, trust your inner voice. After the seminar Gary took time to autography his book and again spent one on one time with everyone.

Gary Spivey & Travis Mead, Producer
My personal experience was that of peace, tranquility and the sharing of love in the room.

Gary was genuine and sincere and spoke from his heart. It was a message of Peace, Love and Hope and it was the best two days that I have spent in quite a while.


Lovie said...

Gary is a powerful force because he teaches with love, patience, and humor. Small wonder so many are touched and healed when they practice his techniques. Learning from him is such great fun!

Unknown said...

The man has a patience of a saint. Especially dealing with me I’m like a kid with 140 million questions. He was working with me and the next thing I knew. I was in the spirit world. do you see the world I said yes. Do you see the demon next to the world? Again I said yes he said take your sword out and whack'em. Well I didn’t find it that easy to do so. He asks again hey whack that demon. I’m still trying to adjust to my environment. He notices something was wrong. I look down at my chest and my heart was thumping out of my chest. I felt uneasy am I being attack by demons? Wondering why is this happening. “I SAID TO MY SELF” Just pull the sword out and whack it. Gary once again said take out… and as soon as he said that. I Startled Gary he jumped back. This big lighted blue sword and armor the works. Bells and whistle everything even the room jump 20 degree. I’m in the spirit world I couldn’t believe it and yet here I am. So Now I am ready to whack the living “you know what” out of this demon. I swing and the sword looks like it turn into a lance it grew. While I was swinging the sword I felt everything going in slow motion. Gary looked to me like what the hell is happening here. The man has a patience of a saint. He could’ve just gone on to someone else. But he didn’t. I swatted the demon like a bug. Gary and I notice that the demon had a chain and at the end of that chain was a dragon in tow. It also went down and the one after that and so on and so forth. Almost immediately I ask Gary what just happen and he said that was a dragon and what dragons do is bring destruction to some part of the world. Yes God works through Gary. God can work through anybody you just have to believe. There is more to this story. I will tell it to you another time. Spiritwarrior320

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