Big Elvis Is Married
Amanda Lasham & Pete Vallee

Pete Vallee “Big Elvis” married his sweetheart Amanda Lasham on July 15, 2010 at Bill’s Gambling Hall and Saloon in Las Vegas. Amanda had attended one of Pete Vallee’s shows and she instantly liked him because she was an ardent Elvis Fan for years. She asked to see Pete backstage and he thought she was beautiful and she was impressed with his tenderness and sweetness to her.
Pete asked her out to dinner and they found they had a lot in common and a romance developed. After two years they knew they wanted to be married and spend their life together. They wanted to share this special wedding day with their family and friends.

Pete had an engagement ring made for her that was a replica of one that was given by Elvis to his last girlfriend, Ginger Alden and a wedding band that was designed by Elvis and given to his friend Marty Lacker.
Family, friends and fans filled the show room where Pete performs his show and everyone eagerly waited for Amanda and the wedding party. Beautiful white drapes, roses and orchids set the scene for the wedding chapel. 
All eyes were on Amanda as her father walked her down the aisle.

Lloyd Lasham & Amanda
Pete lovingly watched Amanda walk to him.

Pete and Amanda exchanging vows.

                                                                   Sonny West

Pete has many friends who were also friends and associates of Elvis Presley and they were in attendance at the wedding. Sonny West was a bodyguard of Elvis. Jimmy Velvet met Elvis when he was 15 years old and remained his friend. Tommy Lynd, who is an Elvis and Wayne Newton impersonator, made Elvis Presley’s suits.

Rick Trujillo

Nikki Artale & Tommy Lynd

Reverend Bill Toller officiated at the wedding with a beautiful, heartwarming sermon. The groomsmen were Pete’s son Aaron Vallee, Tom Lynd, Steve Perry & Jimmy Velvet.

Longtime manager and friend, Lucille Star was the maid of honor.

On to the reception where everyone greeted the happy couple.

Nikki Artale & Tommy Lynd
A film crew from Italy, Simple Productions has been following Pete Vallee around all week filming all his day to day activities and were present at the wedding capturing this special day in Pete and Amanda’s life.

                                                                Camera man from Italy


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