Normally the screams are inside the showroom, but that was not the case for the Chippendale show. As I entered the hall leading to the Chippendales store, I saw a crowd of young ladies who were screaming at the photo wall. I thought “Oh My”, if they are screaming at a wall, what will they be doing inside the showroom when they appear on the stage.
Before the show started, videos were shown of the men being interviewed on various T.V. shows, and the screaming continued. I knew what to expect because I had seen the show many times, but it was still very exciting to be in the midst of the energy of anticipation. It was an instant, fuzzy, warm feeling as I gazed upon the beautiful young God like creatures. I do believe that they are every woman’s fantasy.

The Chippendales possess a quality that makes them special and sets them apart from the average man. I will now say “Sorry” to all the men I know, but the Chippendales are one of a kind and you can tell the difference. They are the number one male review show in the world.

Finally the curtain opens and the dancers appear on the smoke filled stage and the screaming gets louder. The show begins with applause, cheering, whistles and screams and it continues that way for most of the show. The men are fabulous dancers and they have bodies that look and move like Greek Gods.

                                                                      John Rivera
A lot of women were brought onto the stage and were part of their performances and they got to see what we all wanted to see as they took off their clothes. It was exciting to see the firemen and cowboy outfits and no outfits at all.
After the show everyone went on stage to take pictures with the men and I couldn’t believe how these ladies were posing and lying on top of their laps.

We all got a chance after the show to go into the flirt lounge and take photos again with the Chippendales and have them sign their posters and talk to them one on one.

                                                                      Juan DeAngelo
                                              Bianca, Chaun Thomas, Melissa Walton
                                                                      Kevin Cornell

Melissa Walton was a lucky lady because she got a kiss from Jace Crispin. I must admit that Jace is one of my favorite men.

                                                       Jace Crispin & Melissa Walton

I got to spend some time with James Vaughan and Jace Crispin interviewing them about the great job that they have. They both shared that they couldn’t believe that this is a real job and they get to work at something they absolutely love to do and get paid for doing it. It is a fantasy job and it is called a Chippendale.

James has been with the show for three years and Jace has been there five years. They are the internal swing so they know everyone’s part and they change it up so it keeps the show fresh and you can see it over and over again and not see the same show.

Jace said it is an unreal fantasy to be dancing on stage every night and he loves it. I asked them how long they planned to dance and they both said they will do this for as long as they can. The Chippendales are there to entertain you in this 75 minute production show that fulfill every girl’s fantasy. The show entertains people 18 to 80 years old and it doesn’t matter how young or how old you are.

Kristen Makhathini is the director of operations and manages the entire production and she deserves a lot of credit for the success of the Chippendale show and all that it stands for. Her job is also a fabulous one because she gets to spend every day with these sexy hot men and that indeed is a girl’s fantasy just to be able to hang around them and to be a part of their lives.

                           Jaymes Vaughan, Kristen Makhathini, Jace Crispin & Melissa Walton

It is a lifestyle for the Chippendales and they are always in the public eye.They do a lot of public relations work in supporting and helping out and giving back to the community, because as they say, “It is giving back to our city”.

You can see the Chippendales at the Rio seven days a week; nine shows a week and on Friday and Saturdays there are two shows.


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