Badda Bing Fantasy Weddings

On May 26, 2010, Badda Bing turned their second floor into a wedding chapel. It was a first for a gentlemen’s club in Sin City and it will now be the home of many fantasy weddings. Monti Rock III, an ordained minister, will perform the weddings with all his glitz and glamour.

                                       Rick Belcastro, Monti RockIII Yakup Kale, Pamela Kale
                                                Yakup Kale, Pamela Kale, Monti RockII
Pamela is from Palm Beach, Florida and she met Yakup while he was living in Istanbul, Turkey. After one year of a long distance romance they decided to come to Las Vegas and have a romantic wedding. Reverend Monti Rock III made their dreams come true and they became the first couple to be married in the wedding chapel.         
Badda Bing’s owner Rick Belcastro is proud of his gentlemen’s club, which looks like a Moroccan palace. The red velvet draperies, carpeting, sofas and intimate rooms are outstanding. Rick is from the old school where he believes everyone should be treated like family and he makes everyone feel at home. That is one of the reasons he received the 5 Diamond Award for excellence from SDE.

                                                  Bobbie Katz, Rick Belcastro
Publicist Bobbie Katz invited the media to celebrate Monti Rock’s 70th birthday and to officiate the wedding of Yakup and Pamela Kale. Many of Monti’s friends came by to help him celebrate.

It was a great event and we stayed long after the media party was over.


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