Perry Danos
                                      New Greek in Town

                                                       Everyone is calling Perry Danos the New Voice in Town but I am calling him the New Greek in Town. Being a Greek myself, I am partial to anyone who I meet that is Greek. It is something in our heritage that brings an instant bond and admiration when we meet each other. Such was the case when I met Perry Danos at his show. His handsome looks, charm and kindness touched my heart as I am sure touches everyone who meets him. The best part is that he has the talent to go along with all his other attributes. He has a beautiful soothing voice, both singing and speaking.

Perry Danos hails from Chicago and is presently living in Nashville, but he has a strong desire to move here to Las Vegas and we would love to have him here. He loves it here and says it is a perfect place to play. Perry is passionate about his music and he puts his heart and soul into each song. As a young boy, Perry started playing the drums and guitar and then started singing, which became his passion. He writes his own songs and is recording a new Christmas Album.   

Perry commands and takes charge of the stage the entire time with his energy and his quiet charm as he talks to the audience and involves them in the show. His eight piece band and four violinists add much to the show along with Will Barrow, his musical director, who plays the piano.

Billy Ditty is the choreographer and he showed his dancing talents when he jumped on the stage as everyone sang Sometimes You Got To Dance.

There is lots of energy from the very talented backup singers who add a lot to the show.
                                                       Cindi Wheeler,Travis,Vicki Caraco
                                                               Travis, Vicki  & Perry

I asked Perry what people didn’t know about him and he said that he is quiet and shy but when he gets on the stage he comes alive from all the energy of the crowd and he can perform all night long.
Perry is proud of his son Connor who plays the drums and guitar and his daughter Thea who also sings. The talent runs in the family and that is something to be proud of.

Afterwards several friends stopped backstage to congratulate Perry on his great show. I too enjoyed spending time with Perry and I look forward to his return to Las Vegas.
                                                      Michael Conti & Perry Danos
                                                                       Perry & Nikki


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