Dina Ousley at Bellagio and IBS

On April 22, 2010 the Salon Bellagio hosted an evening with Emmy Award-Winning Makeup Artist Dina Ousley.
Dina founded the Dinair airbrushing makeup company, which is a high definition makeup used by the Hollywood Stars and is featured in TV shows, such as Desperate Housewives, Deal or No Deal, 90210 and hundreds of other popular shows. George Lampman is a co-owner and CEO and works closely with Dina. They work with a team of professional makeup experts who take their time to make every application perfect. What was once only available to the stars is now available to the public.
Al Lozano
Dina Ousley, George Lampman & Victoria Alexander

Dina started her career in New York as an assistant to hairdresser Paul Mitchell and started taking acting classes at Lee Strasberg Acting School. Roles in movies and TV shows soon followed. Dina was not happy with the makeup that was being used on the stars and she started looking for makeup that would look natural on the camera and not fade away. She found that by airbrushing the makeup on it would last longer.

Al Lozano
The airbrushed makeup is flawless and quick and easy to apply and lasts up to 18 hours. It covers up any blemish, spots and wrinkles and is sprayed evenly for a smooth beautiful look and it only takes about 3 minutes to spray on. To add to the beauty of the client, the colored makeup is sprayed onto the hair with Leopard designs. Samatha Skellington. Samantha is a Master Stylist who owns “Runs with Scissors” and was a guest at the event. There is no limit to what this team of Dinair and Bellagio professionals can do for you.
Carole McCabe
Adding more glamour to the look was stenciling makeup on the face and adding multi colored real silk sparkle illuminates in the hair.

Jill McKibben, Elizabeth Heward, Robert Aganza.

Salon Bellagio’s makeup artists will create a perfect look for you, while relaxing with a cup of espresso and complimentary beverages.You too will look like a movie star. Salon hours are daily 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. To book a Dinair airbrush makeup application, call 702 693-8080.

I was so impressed with Dinair I then went to the International Beauty Show at the Convention Center on April 24-26 to visit their booth and find out more about the product. The crowd was never ending there as people waited to have the airbrushing makeup applied to their face and hair.

My very favorite Hollywood makeup artist who applied my makeup was Julie Tobias. Julie was like an artist painting my face and taking much care and time in giving me a perfect look. I look forward to many years of friendship with Dina and Julie and I am so grateful for the perfect airbrushing makeup that Dina has created and made available to all of us.

Eye Kandy

While at the convention I found a few outstanding booths. I love glitter and sparkles so you will see why I was intrigued with “Eye Kandy”. This is a fun product that is safe to wear on the eyes. People 3 to 83 use this glitter cosmetics. The company is owned by Jennifer Rettie and her sisters Jamie and Jody. Jamie came up with the name “Eye Kandy” and it is a perfect name. The company distributes Eye Kandy all over the world.

Kasi Price, Elisa Empery & Jennifer Rettie
This all started 4 years ago when Jennifer was looking for some makeup for young cheerleaders and dancers to make their faces look outstanding. She worked with a chemist and came up with this formula. Eye Kandy is used by Dancing With The Stars, Idol and many other shows. I think that practically every convention goer visited the Eye Kandy booth because I saw everyone wearing the brilliant glitter eye makeup. I absolutely love “Eye Kandy”.

Hydra Facial MD
Hydra Facial hydradermabrasion is the latest skin resurfacing and rejuvenation technology. It restores
and maintains skin health. It infuses nutrients and hydrating serums into the skin. This is perfect for people
that want age delaying effects and can't afford surgical procedures today. It is a 30 minute procedure and
after one session I actually felt and saw the difference on my face. I highly recommend Hydra Facial MD.
Greg, Rosemarie, CJ, Lu & Mechele

Nail Art
It was amazing to see all the nail technicians working at their art and craft of creating beautiful
nail designs. They were giving one complimentary nail to everyone so I went to 10 different
ladies and had them do a different design on each finger nail. I love my nails.

Tracee Green & Myanh Vo of Chritrio Beauty Products

                                                      Ellen Balance of En Vogue


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