MJ Christensen Diamonds

MJ Christensen Diamonds once again came through with an event, “Celebrating Life” to honor the cancer survivors. Susan G. Komen for the cure was represented at a ladies night out at MJ Christensen’s store and hosted by the owners Cliff and Darlene Miller.

                                                           Cliff and Darlene Miller
Cliff began his jewelry career in 1970 with his designer jewelry and the intriguing diamond designs. His wife Darlene, daughter, two sons and daughter-in-law work in the business with him, making this a family affair. The diamonds are absolutely stunning and the inventory is massive.

Lynn Copriviza, a registered jeweler at MJ Christensen, was instrumental in putting this together and was busy the entire evening overlooking the event. There were fabulous raffle prizes, gift cards, show tickets, spa certificates, lots of diamond earrings, pendants and many other gifts.
                                                                Lynn Copriviza
Southern Wine and Spirits, one of the sponsors, provided some great wines and were served by the friendliest bartenders.

Southern Wine and Spirits
The party would not be complete without music and that was provided by D.C. Toney. He did a great job selecting all the perfect songs.

D.C. Toney
Paula Francis a Channel 8 News Anchor woman was on hand to talk and meet many of the cancer survivors who have faced the challenge and have won. Stephanie Kirby, the Executive Director of Susan G. Komen was also present and was greeted by a lot of smiling faces.

Paula Francis
April Swartz, Mrs. Nevada-America 2009 was there. She is a beautiful young lady and has served us well this last year and we are very proud of her.

April Swartz, Mrs. Nevada-America 2009
Amanda Kouretas, Mrs Red Rock America 2010 will be vying for the title in July for Mrs. Nevada-America 2010. Oh to be young again and have the beauty of these two stunning women.

Amanda Kouretas, Mrs. Red Rock America 2010
Amongst all these women I found two of my favorite Chippendales, Jace Crispin and Chaun Thomas, and my heart went a flutter as it usually does when I am in their company. The Chippendales are the most perfect men that I can find today and they bring smiles and joy to all women. I was not surprised to see them there because they are noted to support a lot of charities and are always spreading good will to many organizations in town. The Chippendales perform at the Rio Hotel and it is a must show to see. I have seen it five times and I can’t wait to go back again.
Chippendale Jace Crispin, Nikki Artale, Chippendale Chaun Thomas


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