San Gennaro Feast Brings Little Italy to Las Vegas

Photos by Nikki Artale
The San Gennaro Feast took place on Sept. 9-14, 2014 at the Grand Canyon Shopping Center to celebrate its 35th Annual Feast. It featured 80 Amusement rides, over 70 food booths that included pasta, calamari, calzones, clams, pizza, stuffed artichokes, Italian sausage, corn on the cob and lots more that I can’t remember to list. We especially loved the sausage, peppers and onions from Anthony’s World Famous Italian Sausage, who always feeds us, the media on Media night.
Rows and rows of food stands displayed the funnel cakes and all the traditional Italian foods and international cuisine amid the beer garden.

The entertainment host and coordinator Tony Sacca put together the entertainment for the six day event that featured great bands and local headliners of some of the Las Vegas Shows. Once again Tony Sacca headlined his own show with the Saccattes and also introduced his new book “Tony Sacca Las Vegas Ambassador of Entertainment”, which was written by Arlene Krieger. Tony has been touring the U.S. promoting his book.
Saccattes with Tony Sacca
Tony Sacca and Arlene Krieger
An old time favorite every year is Denise Clemente who also took the opportunity to introduce two of her talented students that she works with. Denise performed some of her favorite songs and the one that touched my heart the most was the song “Mama” made famous by Connie Francis years ago. 
Denise Clemente and Star Elliott
Angelo Molinari

Outstanding performances on opening night were “Shades of Sinatra” featuring Carmine Mandia, Ryan Baker, Lisa Smith and Larry Liso.  The Bee Gees  Gold, featuring John Acosta (Barry) Lead singer, Jeff Celentano (Maurice) on keyboard and Daryll Borges (Robin) as the Bee Gee Brothers Gibb.
Shades of Sinatra
Bee Gee Brothers
A longtime favorite at the San Gennaro Feast is Millie Doby Caruso, who always entertains the crowd at the beginning of the scheduled show entertainment. 
Millie Caruso and Louis Marazzo

I loved seeing Rick Bilby with his well-trained adorable monkey “Mikey” who was a crowd favorite and is a white faced capuchin monkey who originates from Costa Rica. They are known for their cute baby face. If you ever wanted to have a monkey as a pet, this would be the one to get. 
Rick Bilby with Mikey
Anthony Palmisano –President promotes the San Gennaro Feast and keeps the tradition alive and is the third generation in his family to promote the event. On Sunday evening there was a fireworks show at 9:00pm to the joy and thrill of all the attendees. See you at the newt San Gennero Feast.


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