Big Brother 16 Celebrates and Parties in Las Vegas

The Deuce Lounge at the Aria Hotel Casino in Las Vegas was the place to be on September 27, 2014 to celebrate with the houseguest from Big Brother 16 and their loyal fans. After the LA wrap parties everyone headed to Las Vegas to continue the celebrations. It was exciting to meet the new cast members of BB16 and a lot of the past seasons houseguests. Amber
Borzotra and Brittany Martinez were the first ones at the party and they were such a delight to talk to. They are both beautiful ladies and they enjoyed meeting their fans who waited patiently in a line to talk with them and take pictures.
Brittany Martinez
Amber Borzotra

James Rhine arranged for the get together at the Deuce Lounge and then an after party at the Haze Nightclub. James Rhine was in BB6, best known as the all-time veto winner and he was welcoming and charming with all the houseguests and fans.
James Rhine and Bill
Amber Borzotra and Dan Kaminsky
Bill    Brittany    Julie Sons

 Season BB 10 Michelle Costa is one of my favorite players and everyone knows her as the Portuguese Princess and is admired by all.
Michelle Costa           Nikki Artale
Brittany Martinez         Nikki Artale

Big Brother Canada winner John Pardy, winner of season 2 joined the other cast members and the Canada group fit right in.
John Pardy
Allison White

I have watched all of the Big Brother seasons and covered all the Las Vegas Events and I have made personal friends with many of them, so you can image my joy as I saw them all come into the Deuce Lounge. My all-time favorite is Sheila Kennedy who I love and admire and hope to see her again soon in Las Vegas.
Sheila Kennedy

Entering the lounge with other past houseguests was everyone’s Favorite Howie Gordon who lights up the room and brings smiles of joy to everyone who loves him. More dramatic entrances commanded the lounge as McCrae Olson, Judd Daugherty, Parker Delon, Jeremy Kaitlin and Lawon Exum eased in and started partying.
Jeremy             Lawon     Parker

Derrick Levasseur won Season 16 and in 97 days he played the perfect game that ever has been played in Big Brother and was never a nominee. Derrick is a police sergeant and he used his skills to read people in the house. He does this in everyday life and that is how he was able to play everyone in the game. It was done brilliantly and he deserved to win. I love the Big Brother Reality TV Show and look forward to Season 17.


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