Toys for Tot’s Mission Completed by U.S. Marine Corps Reserve
Chris Phillips

Photos by Nikki Artale

The Las Vegas Hotel & Casino hosted the 5th Annual Toys for Tots event on December 14, 2013 that was sponsored by Cadillac of Las Vegas. The Celebrity Benefit Concert was hosted by Chris Phillips and Lydia Ansel of Zowie Bowie and Clint Holmes and his wife Kelly Clinton Holmes and they were great as co-hosts in the event.
Clint Holmes   Kelly Clinton Holmes
Lydia Ansel

Fabulous is how I describe David Perrico as the Musical Director with his 12 piece band and the talented entertainers in Las Vegas. Outstanding was Michelle Johnson and the Desert Angels Children’s Choir who touched and warmed our hearts with the sound of their voices and the music.


Michelle Johnson
Desert Angels Children's Choir

Pia Zadora sang a few songs and it was good to see her once again in the spotlight. Pia can be seen performing at Piero’s every weekend.  Video 044
Pia Zadora

A real life couple, Jasmine Trias and Ben Stone sang a beautiful duet on stage. Jasmine Trias was in the final three of Season 3 of American Idol and met Ben Stone here in Las Vegas. Ben is a singer, songwriter from Liverpool and a really good magician.



Robert Nash who is also known as the De Niro guy read T’was the Night before Christmas and had the audience laughing throughout the story. Robert Nash is a busy entertainer with his work with Mob Parties, film and television and he is always on with the De Niro character and is a friendly, funny guy.     
Robert Nash     

John Payne and Paul Shortino came on stage and said they were going to go exceedingly retro and sang a beautiful rendition of “So this is Christmas” and it was very touching and emotional. I love their rock and roll persona, but this ballet showed the sweet gentle side of them.  

Paul Shortino              John Payne


Other Las Vegas legends came to entertain the crowd and were received warmly. Comedian Steve Rossi, Vince Neil of Motley Crue,rhythm & blues singer Skye D. Miles and to close the show were Rob Garrett with the U.S. Marines on stage singing Coming to America and our King, Trent Carlini as our ever loving Elvis.
Steve Rossi              Chris Phillips
Vince Neil
Skye D. Miles
Rob Garrett
Trent Carlini
All the toys were collected during October, November and December and will be distributed to the needy children in Las Vegas next week. Our thanks go out to the U.S.Marine Corps Reserve who accomplished their mission once again in getting hundreds of toys for the children.


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