Vanessa Chamberlin is a Girl on Fire

Photos by Nikki Artale

Lifefire is about living life to the fullest and Vanessa Chamberlin is living her life to the fullest. Vanessa is the founder and CEO of Lifefire and a health and wellness expert who is passionate about life. She has brought her family along this journey with her, eating a healthy plant based   vegan diet. She wants to give her daughters Bianca and Bella, the gift of health and the gift of love, in this information so they can have a firm foundation. Vanessa gives cooking classes to her daughters friends so they too can have a community of friends. She has had up to 18 kids at a time cooking in her kitchen. Amazon will be releasing her new book “Plantfire: Not Just a Diet-Your Life’s Evolution”, have more energy, more passion, better relationships. 

I went to Vanessa Chamberlin’s home for a Plantfire Lunch & Learn Class to learn step by step how to prepare a delicious four course Plantfire meal. We started out with a Kiwi Crusher which opened up our taste buds and was so cool and refreshing. It was a mixture of green grapes, green apples, kiwi and ice and blended in a Vitamix blender.

Next was the Pineapple Pistachio Gazpacho, blended together was pineapple, cucumbers, lime juice, green onion, jalapeno and chopped pistachios and it was oh so delicious.
The main dish was the Buddha Bowl made with Quinoa, chickpeas, snow peas, cabbage, carrots, Kale and flax seeds. This was topped with a Buddha bowl dressing and it was a wonderful and satisfying dish. Rosa is Vanessa’s partner in the kitchen and she was excellent in the kitchen and we all wanted our very own Rosa in our homes too.
Rosa and Vanessa

It was time for the dessert, the Tropical Bars and we were in heaven when we eventually ate them at the end of the day. Toasted almonds, shredded coconut, dried fruit, flax seeds and brown rice syrup. These were baked and cut into pieces and they were the best tropical bars that I ever had. I have made them three times at home since the class with Vanessa and I plan to make them many times so I will always have them handy for snacks. All these recipes can be found on Plantfire website and I encourage you to make them.

At the end of the cooking class we sat down and had lunch together and shared our thoughts and our visions. Vanessa said we all should have self-love and self-worth and we are here to love and be loved. Not only is she a fabulous cook, she is also a fashion guru who designs beautiful aprons so we could look good in the kitchen. We all wore her aprons during our class and we loved them.

After the class I spent some time alone with Vanessa and we enjoyed the view from the balcony overlooking her fabulous, elegant hi-rise apartment. She is an elegant hostess and brings out the beauty and love of every individual soul that she shares her Plantfire vision. Ignite Your Fire, Love Your Life. It is a privilege to know and be with Vanessa Chamberlin. I want to be a better person and live a better life by being with her and listening to her teachings. 

Vanessa Chamberlin’s brands are centered on Fire.  Inner fire keeps you alive with energy and a desire to succeed. Plant fire is a food and health system. Chic fire is sharing tips and trends so feel great about how you look. Life Fire is about transforming and living your life to the fullest. This brings me back to “This Girls on Fire” a perfect description of who Vanessa Chamberlin is. Come join her and light up your fire.
Vanessa Chamberlin


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